Will Cain on pro-abortion protests outside judges’ homes: ‘This is all a Trojan horse’

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“Fox & Friends Weekend” co-host Will Cain said the left’s response to the potential overturning of Roe v. Wade is showing how little they care about democracy. Cain told Harris Faulkner Monday the rhetoric about “saving democracy” has all been a “Trojan horse” to rally people around Democrats’ favored political issues.WHITE HOUSE ENCOURAGES ‘PEACEFUL PROTESTS,’ WON’T TELL ABORTION ACTIVISTS TO AVOID SCOTUS JUSTICES’ HOMESWILL CAIN: All we’ve heard for the better of two years is we must defend our democracy. We must save our democracy. Democracy has been the verbal tic that reflects the current thing that the left rallies around, but it is all a Trojan horse, it’s actually about just achieving whatever is their desired outcome. …Democracy is a process. There isn’t a single process that the majority of the left hasn’t been willing to undercut in order to achieve their outcome. … Pack the Supreme Court. Destroy the Supreme Court. Leak from the Supreme Court.…Here we arrive at the draft opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade and return it to democracy. What is the left’s response to this issue going back to the process of the voters, to democracy? Take to the streets, intimidate and threaten. They care nothing about the process, including democracy, only in achieving their desired outcome.WATCH FULL VIDEO BELOW:

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