Vivek Ramaswamy on Biden admin halting ‘disinformation’ board: Free speech shouldn’t be a partisan issue

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“Nation of Victims” author Vivek Ramaswamy warned Thursday the government “should not be in the business” of regulating free speech after the Biden administration halted the creation of its “disinformation” board. Ramaswamy argued free speech shouldn’t be a “left or right-wing issue” but a “fundamental American issue” on “Fox & Friends.”TAYLOR LORENZ ADMITS DISINFO BOARD WAS A ‘DISASTER ON ALL FRONTS’ AFTER BLAMING PAUSE ON ATTACKS OF JANKOWICZVIVEK RAMASWAMY: This shouldn’t be a right-wing or left-wing issue. If you rewind back to the 2000s, imagine President Bush had under the newly-established Department of Homeland Security then, in the wake of 9/11, on the eve of the war in Iraq, had established a misinformation board. The left would have howled, and correctly so, in my opinion, because the government should not be in the business of regulating what ideas can and cannot make it into the public sphere. So that’s not a left or right-wing issue. It’s not a capitalist or anti-capitalist new issue or a billionaire Jeff Bezos issue or a non-billionaire issue. It’s just a fundamental American issue. WATCH THE ENTIRE INTERVIEW FROM “FOX & FRIENDS” BELOW:

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