Ukraine war only serves interests of ‘tiny sliver’ of Americans like defense contractors: Greenwald

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The war in Ukraine is only benefiting a small sliver of Americans in the defense industry while the Biden administration appears to be prolonging the conflict, independent journalist Glenn Greenwald told “The Ingraham Angle” on Friday.LAURA INGRAHAM: How many times have we heard this “stay the course” [and] “victory is around the corner” — “we got them on the run, let’s surge”… Are you surprised by this at this point?GLENN GREENWALD: You know, every time I’ve been on your show to talk about this war from the start, the theme has always been the one question that’s most important happens to be the one never being asked, which is — in what way does this war serve the interests of the American people? BABY FORMULA CRISIS: BIDEN’S LACK OF FORESIGHT SLAMMED AS ‘UNCARING’ AND ‘STUPID’
A resident walks next to a house destroyed in a Russian shelling in Kramatorsk, Ukraine.
((AP Photo/Andriy Andriyenko))It doesn’t. Obviously, it serves the interest of a tiny sliver of people in Washington, weapons manufacturers, people in the security state who get money and power from these sorts of things. And right at the moment, when their market for these weapons disappeared, when the U.S. finally got out of Iraq and Afghanistan, lo and behold, there’s this new market in Ukraine.BIDEN ECONOMIC ADVISER HERALDS ‘STRONG’ RECOVERY, BLAMES PUTIN FOR LATEST GAS PRICE HIKES
President Biden.
((AP Photo/Susan Walsh))And I think this op-ed really reflects the fact of how suppressed the debate has been, because it points to things like, we’ve been in Ukraine since 2014, we’ve been arming them since at least 2017 or 2018 with heavy weaponry, making very provocative gestures toward Russia right on the other side of the border. CLICK TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPAnd there’s been an absence of any attempt to resolve the war diplomatically, which is what you would be doing, trying to solve it diplomatically if you actually cared about the Ukrainians. The Biden administration instead has been escalating the war seemingly deliberately, which is what you would do if you don’t care about Ukrainians, but instead care about weapons manufacturers and the power of the U.S. security state.WATCH THE FULL INTERVIEW BELOW:

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