Tyler Cameron, brothers develop nonprofit to honor mom’s charitable legacy

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Three Florida brothers who unexpectedly lost their mom right before the COVID-19 pandemic gripped the world in 2020 have dedicated the rest of their lives to carrying on her generous and charitable legacy. Andrea Cameron — a woman defined by her infectious smile and unparalleled generosity — helped countless individuals through Jupiter better themselves and in turn, became a mom to everyone the community. “She sought out the good in people,” Tyler Cameron told Fox News. “No matter who you were she was going to love on you… she was going to take care of you, and she was going to find a way to help you.” INDIANA, LOUISIANA HIGH SCHOOLS HELPING LOW-INCOME STUDENTS EARN ASSOCIATE, BACHELOR’S To honor her memory, her sons, Tyler, Austin and Ryan Cameron, co-founded a charity to help students and parents the way that their mom helped them and so many others. It’s called the Andrea C. Cameron Foundation, and it focuses on alleviating the financial burden of college for students in the Jupiter community. The foundation seeks to award scholarships to seniors every year at Jupiter High School who are looking to enroll in a technical school or college. One day, they hope to expand this effort, helping students burdened by debt all around the country. “She was our most loyal and fiercest supporter; she always had our back,” the foundation’s website reads. “We want our mother’s legacy to be that she continues to be able to help and support others to achieve their dreams.”More than that, it’s a chance for Andrea Cameron “to still be a mom for other people, even though she’s not around,” Tyler Cameron told Fox News. NJ MATH TEACHER, WIFE BUILD NATION’S FIRST SPORTS COMPLEX FOR PEOPLE WITH SPECIAL NEEDSEach recipient of the scholarship becomes part of the Cameron family, Cameron said. The Cameron boys have promised to mentor and look after these students just like their mom had done for some many others. In turn, all they ask is that each recipient helps the next generation of scholarship winners. 
Tyler Cameron and his two brother have created a foundation in memory of their mother who lived such as a generous life.
(Tyler Cameron/ Andrea C. Cameron Foundation)”It is our goal to build a massive networking platform that you will be able to use whilst a student and as a working professional,” according to the foundation’s website. “When you become that professional you’ve always dreamed of you can reach back to the foundation and help those following your footsteps.” But Cameron’s mission goes far beyond offering just a simple scholarship. Within the next two years, Cameron wants to devise a way to help the entire family by fixing up their homes too. The plan is to flip homes for parents in need within the matter of a weekend. “One thing I do really believe in is a safe space and a clean space is so important for a kid’s success in school,” he said. It’s an organization, Cameron says, his mother would be proud of. Before her unexpected passing in early 2020, Andrea Cameron spent countless days going above and beyond for everyone around her. She was a dedicated mom, football mom, army mom and a real estate agent known doing far more than what the job description even entailed. CALIFORNIA TEACHER SINGS AFFIRMATIONS AHEAD OF TESTS TO INSPIRE STUDENTSAfter a home would sell, “she’s over there months and months later, helping her [the homeowner] change bulbs up….taking to her doctor’s appointments,” Cameron recalled. She helped students in the community get college preparation tutoring, and was the first person to pull over on the side of the road if someone needed help with a flat tire, he said. When she was asked to help a friend start a children’s foundation, she “got the whole thing going,” Cameron recalled.”She didn’t have to do that,” he said. “She got nothing out of it but…she saw someone that was doing a great thing, and she wanted to help better it for them.” CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPIf Andrea Cameron was still here today, she would have found a way to make this foundation, Cameron said. Instead, they are doing it for her. “The biggest lesson I’ve learned from my mom is don’t do anything…expecting something in return,” he said. “Just do it out of love. I think that’s how we try to live.” 

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