Twitter roasts Washington Post’s Max Boot for his call to ‘abolish the electoral college’

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Author and Washington Post columnist Max Boot faced a wave of mockery on Sunday when he slammed America’s state of politics and called for the nation to abolish the Electoral College.”The Founders never envisioned such an imbalance between power and population. It undermines any pretense that we are still a democracy. We should abolish the electoral college and make the election of senators proportional to population,” Boot tweeted. Boot linked to his Sunday column in which he argued for the Electoral College to be abolished and for senators to be elected proportional to their population, despite the House of Representatives already being a chamber of Congress that is elected proportional to the population. “We should abolish the Electoral College and make the election of senators proportional to population. Let the will of the people prevail. We should – but we won’t. Small states will block any constitutional amendment that would strip them of their outsize power,” he wrote. WASHINGTON POST EDITORIAL BOARD CALLS TO ‘ABOLISH THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE’Boot, who identified as a conservative prior to the election of former President Trump, joined the growing chorus of progressives calling to remove the Electoral College. While some progressives have also called for the Senate to be abolished, Boot doesn’t go that far and instead claims it’s unfair smaller states have the same number of senators as larger states. 
Military historian Max Boot visits the Muse team at Bloomberg world headquarters in New York, U.S., on Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2013. 
(Photographer: Amanda Gordon/Bloomberg via Getty Images)Critics mocked Boot for abandoning his conservative beliefs to being ignorant on how the Founding Fathers intended for the Senate to work. National Review senior writer Charles Cooke scorched the Washington Post columnist, suggesting he is part of a larger phenomenon of policy commentators whose disdain for former President Trump has tainted their political reasoning.”Why is it that these people can’t just oppose Trump? They have first to abandon every conservative instinct they ever proposed, and then to try to abolish the Constitution, he tweeted. WAPO OPINION LINKS ABORTION, VOTING RIGHTS AS RULINGS THAT HAVE ‘HOBBLED THE INFRASTRUCTURE OF DEMOCRACY’Lawyer and libertarian commentator Preston Byrne slammed Boot for having his facts on the history of the Senate completely wrong.”The Senate was created the way it is to check the power of the then-largest states like Virginia, which had 20x the population of then-smallest state Georgia,” he wrote. “Put differently, the Senate works exactly as the Founders intended.””Please delete your Twitter account. You’re extremely ignorant & insist on displaying it on a regular basis. We’re not a constitutional republic which is a form of democracy but far cry from it. Then go read the Constitutional Convention debates from 1787. You’ll be enlightened,” American Greatness senior fellow Ned Ryun tweeted. “Max, find me where in the Constitution these founders you’ve read so comprehensively make reference to ‘democracy,'” Grabien founder Tom Elliott replied. 
A combination of both the constitution and Capitol Building. 
(istock)CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPActor Adam Baldwin asked Boot a simple question. “’Abolish the Electoral College’ by what constitutional process, Max?,” Baldwin tweeted.  Alexander Hall is an associate editor for Fox News Digital. Story tips can be sent to

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