Twitter reacts to progressive DA Chesa Boudin being ousted in San Fran recall: sign of ‘red wave coming’

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Virtual sighs of relief echoed throughout Twitter as San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin lost his recall election Tuesday night and had to step down from his position. Critics have slammed Boudin as far-left and extremely soft on crime in the city. Under Boudin’s watch, crime and homelessness in San Francisco skyrocketed. In one tragic case, 6-year-old Jace Young was murdered by a pair of teenage gunmen, one of whom was under 18. Boudin campaigned on a promise to never allow an offender under 18 to be tried as an adult. As such, Boudin – who was elected in 2019 – faced a recall election Tuesday and lost, with 61% of San Francisco voters voting to remove him and only 39% wanting him to stay.On Twitter, many people viewing the election results found it compelling that one of the country’s most liberal cities actually ousted the district attorney. Conservatives hoped that it was a sign of the wider rejection of Democrats to come in November’s midterm elections, and a few mainstream journalists admitted that might be the case.SAN FRANCISCO VOTERS RECALL PROGRESSIVE DA CHESA BOUDIN OVER SOFT-ON-CRIME POLICIESMore radical activist accounts expressed dismay and defiance at the ouster. 
San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, one of the most progressive prosecutors in the country, was ousted in a Tuesday recall election.
(AP Photo/Eric Risberg   |  AP Photo/Haven Daley)Elated, conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza tweeted, “Chesa Boudin gets the boot! Even in progressive San Francisco, a Communist DA who openly sides with criminals over victims proved a bit too much! #ByeByeBoudin.”Washington Post columnist James Hohman tweeted, “The recall of Chesa Boudin overnight is a watershed moment. It’s not just a rejection of a single DA. It’s a repudiation of the failed soft-on-crime approach that has made so many of our cities less safe.””Soros-Backed DA Chesa Boudin loses in San [Francisco],” tweeted TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk. He added, “Terrific news for America. Remove every single Soros DA in every single city and county he has planted them in across the country.”Conservative author Ann Coulter made a joke about Boudin’s recall, tweeting, “The good news for Chesa Boudin is that he will still be prosecuting the same number of criminals.”
Critics have slammed Boudin for being soft on rampant crime and rising homeless in San Francisco.
WASHINGTON POST COLUMN ADMITS DEMS WILL GET ‘BLOWN OUT’ IN MIDTERMS BUT CLAIMS THAT’S A GOOD THINGDiscovery Institute journalist Jonathn Choe gave his analysis of the election results, tweeting, “RECALLED: Chesa Boudin was too progressive even for liberal San Francisco. This is a cautionary tale for elected officials in Seattle, a city with similar sensibilities. Asian American voting bloc played massive role in recall. Boudin accused of botching response to #AsianHate.””The ouster of Chesa Boudin feels like an inflection point in the fight to reclaim civilizational sanity from the forces of civilizational arson. Good riddance,” wrote Newsweek Opinion editor Josh Hammer.Though Los Angeles Black Lives Matter organizer Melina Abdullah lamented Boudin’s recall, tweeting “One of the most committed, visionary DAs in the nation was just recalled. @chesaboudin made me believe in the term ‘progressive prosecutor.’ Big-money, pro-cop interests bought the election. They’re trying to do the same thing in LA. We can’t fall for it.”Far left activist Shaun King refused to accept this represented a reckoning for extremely progressive district attorneys. He tweeted, “It’s hard to say that the recall of Chesa Boudin is a referendum on progressive prosecutors when in the 2 surrounding Bay Area counties of Alameda and Contra Costa, 2 progressive Black women, @PPriceCares & @DADianaBecton, are each winning their races.””Even in San Francisco! The coddler of criminals — the Soros-backed Chesa Boudin is overwhelmingly recalled by citizens fed up with lawlessness,” tweeted former Trump campaign manager Steve Cortes.
Many people on Twitter expressed relief that San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin lost his recall election on Tuesday.
(AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPAnd conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt tweeted, “Turns out San Francisco voters want criminals prosecuted. Chesa Boudin booted –decisively– from his job as district attorney in a recall election Tuesday. First sign of the crime issue building within the Red Wave coming.” Gabriel Hays is an associate editor at Fox News. Follow him on Twitter at @gabrieljhays.

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