Trump-endorsed Texas Attorney General Paxton attributes election win to his record

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A day after his primary runoff victory over Land Commissioner George P. Bush, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton attributed his victory to his record. “I think it’s just the record of doing my job for the past seven and a half years,” Paxton told Fox News Digital. “We’ve both been in public office at the statewide level for the past seven and a half years and I think people compared the record, the rhetoric, and the rhetoric, in my case, I talk about the things I accomplished and the things we’re going to accomplish, and I think people believe in that approach and believe in what we’re trying to accomplish for the state of Texas,” Paxton said.IS GEORGE P. BUSH’S CRUSHING DEFEAT IN TEXAS THE END OF THE LINE FOR A REPUBLICAN PARTY DYNASTY?The election Tuesday was a decisive victory for Paxton, receiving 68 percent of the vote to Bush’s 32 percent, but also one for former President Donald Trump. Though Governor Brian Kemp easily defeated Trump-backed David Perdue, other candidates Trump endorsed succeeded to win the GOP nomination in key races. 
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton campaigns in Gilmer, Texas on May 19, 2022
(Ken Paxton campaign)Paxton and Bush both courted Trump’s endorsement early on in the race. Paxton said he is not sure how much of his victory can be attributed to the former president. “The Trump endorsement…everybody wants it. It’s probably the most significant endorsement I’ve ever seen so to what percentage increase that gave me, I don’t know how to measure that,” Paxton said. “All I can say is I’m grateful for the President, grateful for his presidency and what he accomplished, I’m grateful for the work that I’ve been able to do with him and I’m certainly grateful that he supports me and has been helpful in helping me get elected.” 
George P. Bush, Republican candidate for Texas attorney general, speaks during a campaign event in Lakeway, Texas, U.S., on Thursday, Feb. 10, 2022
(Photographer: Matthew Busch/Bloomberg via Getty Images)Attorney General Paxton is most well known for his attempts to legally overturn the 2020 presidential election and for an aggressive set of legal cases opposing the Biden administration in court.   CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPPaxton has led led lawsuits against the Biden administration over immigration policies and defended Texas’ abortion law against Justice Department challenges. With Bush losing this election this marks him as the last member of the Bush family to currently hold public office. 

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