The Hunger Games Prequel Unveils Newest Set of Characters

According to Deadline, Lionsgate has welcomed another batch of new cast members who have been enlisted to join previously announced leading stars Rachel Zegler and Tom Blyth in the upcoming film adaptation of The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes.Irene Boehm, Cooper Dillon, Luna Kuse, Kjell Brutscheidt, and Dimitri Abold have been tapped to respectively portray the roles of tributes Lamina of District 7, Miller of District 4, Brandy of District 10, Tanner of District 10, and Reaper of District 11. Meanwhile, Athena Strates, Dakota Shapiro, George Somner, and Vaughan Reilly have been cast for the roles of Persephone Price, Billy Taupe, Spruce, and Maude Ivory.RELATED: Live-Action Godzilla and Titans Series Unveils Cast Including Kiersey ClemonsBased on the 2020 prequel novel by Suzanne Collins, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes is set 64 years before the events of the Hunger Games trilogy, starting on the morning of the reaping of the Tenth Hunger Games, where an 18-year-old Coriolanus Snow is assigned as the mentor for the tribute girl from the impoverished District 12.“Years before he would become the tyrannical President of Panem, 18-year-old Coriolanus Snow is the last hope for his fading lineage, a once-proud family that has fallen from grace in a post-war Capitol,” reads the synopsis. “With the 10th annual Hunger Games fast approaching, the young Snow is alarmed when he is assigned to mentor Lucy Gray Baird, the girl tribute from impoverished District 12. But, after Lucy Gray commands all of Panem’s attention by defiantly singing during the reaping ceremony, Snow thinks he might be able to turn the odds in their favor. Uniting their instincts for showmanship and newfound political savvy, Snow and Lucy’s race against time to survive will ultimately reveal who is a songbird, and who is a snake.”Additional cast includes Hunter Schafer, Jason Schwartzman, Josh Andrés Rivera, Max Raphael, Zoe Renee, Ayomide Adegun, Kaitlyn Akinpelumi, Amelie Hoeferle, Sofia Sanchez, Nick Benson, Laurel Marsden, Lilly Cooper, Luna Steeples, and Hiroki Berrecloth.RELATED: Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series Casts Grover and AnnabethWritten by Michael Lesslie and based on a draft by Collins and Michael Arndt, the film will be helmed by Hunger Games films director Francis Lawrence. It will be shepherded by franchise producer Nina Jacobson and her producing partner Brad Simpson, along with Francis Lawrence. Suzanne Collins, Tim Palen, and Jim Miller will serve as executive producers. Meredith Wieck and Scott O’Brien are overseeing on behalf of the studio.The prequel is currently scheduled for a November 17, 2023, theatrical release.

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