Texas Gov. Abbott on ‘mounting’ border crisis: Biden has ‘abandoned’ all border states

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In an exclusive interview with “Fox News Live” host Griff Jenkins, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott called on President Biden to “step up” and “secure the border,” arguing the deaths of more than 50 migrants found inside an abandoned truck were a “byproduct” of Biden’s border policies.TEXAS MIGRANT DEATHS: RADIO CHATTER SHOWS OFFICER CALLING FOR HELP WITH ‘TOO MANY BODIES’GOV. GREG ABBOTT: [It] has never been worse. And it’s never been worse because the numbers are higher than they’ve ever been, the problems and challenges are mounting on the other side of the border. But worst of all, we are not seeing the president lift a finger to do anything about it… the president has abandoned many of the states, all the border states of the United States of America. It’s reprehensible.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said the “horrific tragedy” of more than 50 migrant deaths was a “byproduct” of Biden’s lawless border policies on “Fox News Live” Saturday, July 2, 2022.
…The first reaction is shock. I mean, you can’t be anything but shocked and stunned whenever you hear anything like that. And it is a horrific tragedy, but it also is a byproduct of Biden’s border policies. When you don’t have a president who’s actually enforcing the immigration laws, it attracts the cartels and smugglers to do exactly what they did that led to this disaster. And that’s why we’re calling upon the president to finally, finally step up and do your job, and secure the border and enforce the immigration laws.WATCH THE FULL INTERVIEW BELOW This article was written by Fox News staff.

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