Shannon Bream’s New York Times bestsellers on Bible provide hope when people really need it, Fox anchor says

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Fox News Chief Legal Correspondent and “Fox News @ Night” anchor Shannon Bream is also an author, and recently landed on the New York Times bestseller list with back-to-back titles about the lives of biblical women. “The Women of the Bible Speak” was released in March 2021 and its follow up, “The Mothers and Daughters of the Bible Speak,” came out a year later. Both have been tremendously successful and helped Bream fulfill a dream of landing on the prestigious list. “When you’re putting together a book, no matter how much you want to focus on the content, you do have this wild dream – could this book ever make the New York Times bestseller list? And I just don’t think that anybody who has helped put together these last two books on the Fox label would have ever imagined that we would have this response that we had from people,” Bream told Fox News Digital. The “Fox News @ Night” anchor believes her series has resonated with Americans because they offer a glimmer of hope during difficult times. 
Fox News’ Shannon Bream landed on the New York Times bestseller list with back-to-back titles.
(FOX)GOD SEES YOU, MOTHERS, AND IS CHEERING YOU ON NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE IN YOUR JOURNEY”That first book, ‘Women of the Bible,’ I started writing during the pandemic at a time when we were all scared and anxious and suffering all kinds of different losses, and it really was a blessing to me, reminded me of my spiritual roots and the promises of God and how he works through terrible circumstances and stories where people were in really tragic circumstances,” Bream said. “That’s my best guess on why this so resonated with people… for a while they were [on the bestsellers list] together. So I just got to think that there’s something there that’s encouraging, that’s hopeful at a time when people really need it.” FOX News Books, which launched in November 2020, has seen all four of its titles reach bestseller status, as Pete Hegseth’s “Modern Warriors” and “All American Christmas” by Rachel Campos-Duffy and her husband, Sean Duffy, have also thrived. “I think it’s an amazing accomplishment for Fox News working into the books department, because we know we have faithful viewers and readers out there who are interested in the things that we talk about, whether it’s a political story or cultural issues of faith, the military, whatever it is. I think it was brilliant for Fox to say, ‘Listen, let’s give our viewers almost a gift in these books,’ because that’s what they really are,” Bream said.
Fox News host Pete Hegseth.
CHILDREN’S BOOK ABOUT RUSH LIMBAUGH AIMS TO TEACH KIDS IMPORTANCE OF FIRST AMENDMENT”They’re kind of love stories to say, ‘We see the topics that you care about. We want to cater to that and what you want to know about and grow in,’” Bream continued. “I think it’s just been dynamite, this collaboration, these ideas that Fox had about doing a book label and getting these books out there into the space, knowing that our viewers, our readers, our listeners are all part of the family and I think that these books are just an extension of that.”While Bream is thrilled to have back-to-back titles land on the New York Times bestseller list, some Americans view the paper itself as a symbol of corporate media that is driven by a liberal agenda. There are many ways to judge a book’s success, such as strictly looking at volume of sales or Amazon’s charts, but Bream believes observers should value the Times’ bestseller list, especially when it recognizes authors that don’t align with the paper’s ideology. “The New York Times is kind of the be all, end all classic measurement of how these books are sold, where they’re sold, and how they’re getting out into the mainstream. So everybody is going to still look to that list, whether you have disagreements with what you think is the viewpoint of the paper,” Bream said. STATE FARM ACCUSED OF PUSHING LGBTQ+ BOOKS ON KIDS, COSUMERS’ RESEARCH LAUNCHES ‘LIKE A CREEPY NEIGHBOR’”I feel like when conservative authors or issues of faith or books that are deemed ‘Fox News’ books end up on the list, it really means that The New York Times has had to take notice that there are readers who are excited about these books, that they’re invested in these books, that they’re supporting these books,” she added. “So any time you end up on the list there, that’s a great achievement as an author.”
Fox News Chief Legal Correspondent and “Fox News @ Night”  anchor Shannon Bream.
“The Women of the Bible Speak,” an inspirational take on the lives of 16 influential Biblical women, was the No.1 religious book of 2021, according to Bookscan. However, Bream doesn’t think you need to be a person of faith to enjoy her series. “They’re heroic, they’re heartbreaking, they’re inspiring, they’re challenging. There are issues there that are very much what we deal with in 2022 that were centuries ago, whether it’s women walking through widowhood or financial ruin, health challenges, infertility, broken families, I mean, who can’t relate to struggling with some of those things, if not multiple things in our lives,” she said. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP”For me, these stories were very inspiring to see how these women found courage, how they found faith, how God was working even when they felt like he was absent or wasn’t a part of their life. You can see how their stories are threaded together and how good can actually come from really difficult circumstances,” Bream said. “So for somebody who maybe wouldn’t pick up the Bible or be interested in that, I think I’ll still be fascinated by these women’s stories and really motivated and challenged by the strength that they found and how they walked through some really difficult things.” 

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