Sen. Bennet rips Dem Party, hasn’t thought about campaigning with Biden: ‘Nobody is more aggravated than I am’

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Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., is warning his party that 2022 will be a tough election year for all of them, including himself, while lamenting that Democrats have not been taking the right approach as November draws nearer.Nearly five months before Election Day, Bennet told Politico that in a midterm election year, they are facing an uphill battle.”When you’re in the same party as the president, that’s gonna be a tough cycle,” Bennet said, explaining that voters are going to be upset about a number of issues, including inflation and the COVID-19 pandemic. With that in mind, Bennet – who ran for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020 – feels that the party as a whole needs to be better about their messaging.MIDTERMS FUNDRAISING: REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE TOPS DEMOCRATIC RIVAL IN APRIL”The national Democratic Party has done a terrible job talking about what we’ve accomplished and what we’re fighting to accomplish,” Bennet said. “Nobody is more aggravated than I am with the national Democratic Party, that we didn’t fight harder to extend those child tax credits for working people in this state.”At a time when Bennet insists that Colorado is not a blue state, he has not been eager to have President Biden help him on the campaign trail.
FILE – Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Michael Bennet speaks to voters at a house party in Manchester, New Hampshire, Dec. 8, 2019.
(REUTERS/Elizabeth Frantz)COLORADO GOV. POLIS SAYS ABORTION REQUIRES ‘GUT-WRENCHING DECISIONS,’ DEFENDS LATE-TERM PROCEDURES”I haven’t thought about it at all,” Bennet said about the prospect of having the president appear alongside him.Joe O’Dea, who is seeking the Republican nomination in the Colorado Senate race, also spoke to Politico. He seemed to understand why, given the president’s low approval rating.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP”I’d actually pay for the flight out for Biden to come as many times as he wants this year with Michael Bennet,” O’Dea said.

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