Sean Hannity: We are suffering through yet another anti-Trump smear

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Fox News host Sean Hannity told viewers in Thursday’s opening monologue the Jan. 6 committee’s primetime hearing is a “TV smear campaign” against former President Donald Trump accompanied by the biggest Trump-haters on Capitol Hill.SEAN HANNITY: We have all three major broadcast networks, Fake News CNN, MSDNC, all happily broadcasting, well, the dullest, most boring, there’s-absolutely-nothing-new, multi-hour, Democratic fundraiser masquerading as a Jan. 6 hearing. And by the sounds of it, they’re going to do hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours of this. Produced by a former ABC executive, a 100% Hollywood production with all the creative license that would go along with that. But make no mistake, tonight’s so-called hearing is not in good faith. It is not an honest probe into the security breakdown on that fateful day…JAN. 6 HEARINGS GET UNDERWAY THURSDAY EVENINGInstead, it is a made-for-TV smear campaign against President Trump, featuring sliced-and-diced video that fits their predetermined political narrative from the very beginning, accompanied by the biggest Trump-haters on Capitol Hill. Every single person on this committee is on record hating President Trump, and they all voted to impeach him. Now, people who support Donald Trump were not allowed to participate on this illegitimate, hyper-partisan committee. And sadly, those running this circus are not interested in what went wrong. They’re not interested in what actually happened. They are purposely omitting what is critical information. 
Vice Chair Liz Cheney (R-WY) reacts with Chairman Bennie Thompson (D-MS) after the opening video presentation as the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. Alex Brandon/Pool via REUTERS
…CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP Unfortunately, when the Jan. 6 committee features their clips from Trump, I’ll bet any amount of money they’re going to slice and dice and edit around that part where he says, “Many of you will now peacefully, patriotically march to the Capitol so your voices will be heard.” Hmm, I wonder why. Now in the hours that followed, Capitol Police, they were ill-prepared. They were out-manned. And according to the department’s after-action report, anti-riot squads did not respond in a timely manner. Many of their radios were not working, and much of their riot gear was locked in a bus and they couldn’t find the key. Now, ultimately, the Capitol Police chief requested the National Guard and asked for help six different times. And it wasn’t until way late in the afternoon that Pelosi finally said OK. By that point it was too late. The Capitol had been breached. And ever since, Democrats have used this awful day as a political weapon. They don’t actually care about riots or improving safety and security. It’s all political… So here we are suffering through yet another anti-Trump smear that will accomplish absolutely nothing.  This article was written by Fox News staff.

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