Rhode Island mom outraged after school district cancels honors classes in name of ‘equity and inclusion’

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Parents of Barrington, Rhode Island schoolchildren are expressing their outrage after the school district decided to eliminate honors courses under a new “equity and inclusion” agenda.Ellen Schaffer, a mother outraged by the rationale, slammed the school district Wednesday for its attempt to create a melting pot of students of all abilities, telling “Fox & Friends First” host Todd Piro that students need a more “tailored” approach to reach their full potential.
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(iStock)”What we’re being told is that there are children who are not getting access to rigorous academics with the same access as children who are in honors levels,” she said.”That’s the rationale, but how it happens really doesn’t turn out that way,” she added.DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION ‘WAGING WAR’ ON CHARTER SCHOOLS WITH NEW REGULATIONS, SCHOOL CHOICE ADVOCATE SAYSPiro asked why “woke” education systems insist on bringing down students who are in honors classes instead of helping students who are struggling.”It’s hard for a lot of parents to accept that there’s maybe something greater at play that isn’t just what we can take at face value,” she responded, adding, “Really, if we want to work in the name of equity, we need to focus on equal opportunity…”
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Removing honors courses is not the school district’s first “woke” move, according to Shaffer. She noted that courses were also cut for students who learn at a slower pace.Schaffer expressed the need for these students as well as those seeking to enroll in advanced courses to receive the attention they deserve according to their comfort and capability.”We really want to pay attention to those vulnerable children who were given individualized attention by teachers at the pace that they needed to go at rather than being put in a single classroom with a bunch of other students – all at different levels – when the teacher has to try to shift gears and attend to each student,” she said.”It works much better when they have a very tailored level…”CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPOn “Fox & Friends,” “War on the West” author Douglas Murray ripped the school district’s decision to forsake honors courses.Murray, who discussed the issue in his book, told host Ainsley Earhardt that the effort is “a classic example of the diversity, inclusion and equity agenda in practice,” adding that removing advanced courses “suppresses the most talented people.”

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