Rep. Waltz rips Biden admin’s ‘shameful’ silence on Afghanistan’s regression under Taliban rule

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Rep. Michael Waltz, R-Fla., told “America’s Newsroom” Wednesday that the Biden administration’s silence on Afghanistan’s regression of women’s rights under Taliban rule is “despicable” and will be held accountable.TALIBAN DIVISIONS DEEPEN AS AFGHAN WOMEN DEFY VEIL EDICTREP. MICHAEL WALTZ: It is shameful. We remember the promises of Taliban 2.0, the more moderate Taliban, the good terrorists that are going to help us against the bad terrorists. If you just look at the plight of women they can no longer even show their face, they can no longer leave their homes. They can no longer get a job. The Taliban have replaced the ministry of women focused on taking care of women’s issues there with the ministry of virtue and vice. And, heck, Dana, even if you — a poor woman levels a sexual assault allegation or rape allegation, they have to bring a witness in order to be able to level the charge, and we have heard crickets, zero, nothing from this administration. It is shameful. It is despicable, and I will hold Joe Biden and the people around him accountable on behalf of those women but also on future American soldiers that will have to go back to deal with this terrorism problem.WATCH THE FULL VIDEO BELOW:

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