Rep. Waltz: Not surprised American pride has declined the way Biden speaks about our country

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Florida Congressman Michael Waltz responded to a Fox News poll that says fewer Americans are proud of the U.S. by taking aim at the education system and the “garbage” being taught in schools on “Hannity.”REP. MICHAEL WALTZ: If you look at the polling data you see a steady decline over the last decade-plus. I point to our education system. COVID exposed to us the garbage being taught in our schools. When it’s taught in our schools that this is a fundamentally bad country, that at its core it is misogynist, racist, colonialist. It wasn’t founded to establish individual freedom for “we the people” away from monarchies and emperors. That it was established to protect slavery. When that is being taught in our schools and on top of that you have things in math class, which we discovered in Florida. JOE BIDEN’S BIG LIES ABOUT CRIME AND RACE HURT AMERICAWord problems in math class that talk about counting the numbers of oppressors and oppressed. Now in our military, they are saying on one hand you need to be willing to die for our constitution and flag, but it [our country] is fundamentally at its core bad and flawed. I think you take all of that together and when you talk about a military like this president has and the secretary of defense [Lloyd Austin]has, it is overrun with white supremacy. It doesn’t surprise me you are seeing this type of decline in pride in our institutions and pride in our flag.WATCH FULL INTERVIEW HERE: This article was written by Fox News staff.

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