Raising my daughters after Roe v. Wade, sharing that pro-life equals pro-woman

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Last week the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, putting abortion law in the hands of the states. And just like that I’m now raising two teenage girls in an era many of us worked for, prayed for, but never thought we’d actually live to see. Though there are many reasons to be discouraged by all the uncertainty in our country right now, this unequivocal victory for life is also a victory for women. It gives me as a mom every reason to be hopeful and optimistic for my girls’ future. This decision empowers women, as it places value on their lives, as well as the lives of the unborn. My message to my daughters has always been: pro-life is pro-woman. PRO-LIFE GROUPS, CHURCHES SEE INCREASED VIOLENCE AFTER SUPREME COURT ABORTION RULINGMy girls are old enough to have seen the pictures of their ultrasounds. Including a 3D ultrasound of my oldest daughter holding her hands together underneath her head like she was sleeping. Nearly 15 years later, she’ll still sleep in that same position. Technology only advances, it never retreats. Since I last had an ultrasound more than a decade ago, images like my daughter’s have only become more vivid with the introduction of 5D and HD technology.Since the leak of the Dobbs decision a couple months ago, attacks on pregnancy centers have ramped up. In my home state of Virginia a pregnancy center had its windows shattered and a nastygram spraypainted to read: “IF ABORTION AINT SAFE YOU AINT SAFE!”My girls are old enough to have seen the pictures of their ultrasounds. Including a 3D ultrasound of my oldest daughter holding her hands together underneath her head like she was sleeping. Nearly 15 years later, she’ll still sleep in that same position.  I’m so confused. I feel like I live in upside down clown world. The pro-abortion crowd keeps screaming about women’s rights and how there is nobody to help women who carry their babies to term. COURAGEOUS SUPREME COURT’S ABORTION RULING MAKES HISTORYYet pregnancy centers — roughly 3,000 of them in the U.S. — literally exist to support and provide assistance to women in unplanned pregnancies who carry their babies to term. I know, I used to volunteer in one. They offer ultrasounds, counseling, material resources, as well as referrals for medical care, housing, employment, social services and adoption placement if needed.But I suppose this isn’t the kind of support the abortion lobby had in mind when they were screaming about “women’s rights.” Their message is clear — unless you’re the right kind of woman they’ll threaten lives and destroy your property.AFTER SUPREME COURT ABORTION RULING, PRO-LIFE MOVEMENT IS IMMORTALSouth Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem gets that pro-life = pro-woman. She announced a statewide initiative to come alongside moms, tweeting, “Being pro-life also means getting moms the help they need to be successful. We’re launching http://Life.SD.gov to give women the resources they need to navigate pregnancy, birth, parenting and adoption, if they choose.”Well done, governor. Abortion is the antithesis of empowering women, brought to you by the people who’ve spent decades branding themselves as defenders and liberators of women. It’s false advertising at its finest.Just last month, nearly every Senate Democrat voted for the dishonestly named “Women’s Health Protection Act,” which would allow abortion until delivery. There’s zero “protecting” going on in this scenario. RIP ROE: SUPREME COURT ABORTION RULING SETS STAGE FOR WHAT PRO-LIFE GROUPS DO NEXTThey scrapped their “safe, legal and rare” abortion argument — so outdated — in exchange for abortion on demand — any reason, any time.Real female empowerment advocates ending violence against women. Yet the very act of ending a pregnancy is violence — to the mom and the unborn baby.Times up to stop lying to our daughters. 
Pro-life crowd outside the court reacting to the SCOTUS decision.
(Photo by Joshua Comins/Fox News)When it comes to the abortion lobby defending its extreme position on abortion until birth — they don’t. Because they know they can’t. They know it’s indefensible.According to a CBS poll, only 17 percent of the country agrees that abortion should be legal at any stage of the pregnancy.WHY SUPREME COURT ABORTION DECISION EMPOWERS WOMENSo instead, they hemorrhage hysterics in their attempt to change the subject with scare tactics, fear porn, and a full-scale misinformation dissemination meltdown. A few of their favorite go-to’s include —  the Supreme Court is going to ban gay marriage, birth control, and interracial marriage.Even at my girls’ young ages, I’ve had to walk through some of this nonsense with them because their friends have passed on ridiculousness like — “now they want to make gay people illegal.”Sigh.What does any of this deflecting have to do with abortion? Not a thing.SUPREME COURT’S ROE RULING REQUIRES A CHRISTIAN RESPONSE TO ABORTION THAT MUST OFFER HOPE, NOT JUDGMENTI often, and on repeat, cite a version of a quote to my kids from the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, D-N.Y., “Everybody is entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.”Still they persist.
Crowds outside the Supreme Court reacting to the Dobbs ruling.
(Joshua Comins/Fox News)Celebrities who aren’t well versed on personal responsibility have been busy using their bully pulpits and all their characters on Twitter to sound off on Roe v. Wade. Anyone want to venture a guess where the land of depravity came down?CLICK HERE TO GET THE OPINION NEWSLETTERIt’s exactly how you would expect them to act when suddenly realizing their sex without consequence card may be getting reined in. While at England’s Glastonbury Festival, singer Olivia Rodrigo railed, “I’m devastated and terrified. So many women and so many girls are going to die because of this,” and then dedicated the song “f*** You” to the Supreme Court justices who voted in favor of overturning Roe v. Wade.Factually incorrect, but super classy. 
Olivia Rodrigo and Lily Allen sang Allen’s 2009 hit ‘F— You’ to the Supreme Court Justices’ following Roe v Wade decision
(Joseph Okpako)In a video on Twitter, O.J. Simpson called the overturning of Roe v. Wade a “horrible decision.”I’m pretty sure whatever side of any moral issue O.J. is on I want to be on the side. Enough said. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPMy girls will know that truth matters. They will know that lives have value and their actions have consequences. There is no free pass in life, there is free will, personal responsibility, consequences for their life choices and, in the end, God’s grace. And they will know that being pro-life is undeniably and unquestionably pro-woman.CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM LAUREN DEBELLIS APPELL Lauren DeBellis Appell, a former lobbyist and communications aide on Capitol Hill, is a writer based in Fairfax, Virginia. Follow her on Twitter@LDAppell.

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