Race politics in Buffalo, homeless in California, and more from Fox News Opinion

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Welcome to the Fox News Opinion Newsletter. To receive this newsletter in your email, subscribe here.TUCKER CARLSON – President Biden and Democrats are using race politics to capitalize on the deadly Buffalo shooting. Continue reading…A SLAP IN THE FACE – Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan is a slap in the face to veterans. Continue reading…2 YEARS OF OPERATION WARP SPEED – Trump made the ‘impossible’ possible. Continue reading…GREG GUTFELD – The parodies we’ve created are now real. Continue reading…THE LEFT IS LOSING LATINOS – The Latino vote in America has officially become the quintessential swing vote. Continue reading…MARCH FOR LIFE – Success demonstrates that Roe is not settled law. Continue reading…VIDEO OF THE DAY – Raymond Arroyo covers a voyage boldly going too far. Watch now…HOMELESS IN CALIFORNIA – California applies a one-size-fits-all that presumes mere shelter will cure the problem. Continue reading…AMERICA LAST – $40 billion Ukraine aid proposal is the epitome of everything wrong with Washington today. Continue reading…RIP, ‘BUD’ – Robert ‘Bud’ McFarlane was an unsung hero in America’s Cold War victory over Russia. Continue reading…CARTOON OF THE DAY – Crowning Achievements. Check out all of our political cartoons…
 Crowning Achievements 05.17.22

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