Priest calls out NPR’s abortion coverage for leaving out pro-life voices

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Jesuit priest Father James Martin urged NPR to offer a more balanced perspective in their abortion coverage, in a Twitter thread, Friday.The pro-life priest, who gave the benediction at the 2020 Democratic National Convention, began by asking, “Is there room on NPR for pro-life voices?” He explained how he had been listening to NPR all week and not heard even one pro-life opinion expressed.”Is there room on @NPR for pro-life voices? Over the past week I’ve traveled back and forth from NYC to Philly to care for a sick family member. In our Jesuit community car I’ve listened to hours of @NPR. Roughly 90% of the talk shows have been about abortion,” he tweeted. But, he said, “I’ve noticed that there have been, at least in the hours I’ve listened, no pro-life voices.”NPR REPORTS HOW OVERTURNING ROE V. WADE IS A ‘SHARED PROJECT OF SUPREMACIST MOVEMENTS’Martin claimed the pro-life side wasn’t given equal footing with the pro-choice side.”Missing (at least in the many shows I’ve heard) was an articulate voice arguing other side. The only attempts are when the host would present the pro-life position only to have it batted away by the guest(s),” he tweeted, before sharing thought-provoking questions he would raise, if he was invited on NPR. Two of the questions he would ask the pro-choice side to answer is when a fetus “becomes a person” and when do they obtain rights, given the advances in science.He concluded his thread by urging the media outlet to expose their listeners to compelling and logical arguments from both sides.”On NPR, we hear arguments 3 to 5. I would invite them to consider arguments 1 to 2. And to invite guests who can give voice to those arguments clearly and articulately. It is, after all, National Public Radio, and many in the nation believe these things,” he wrote. “A calm, intelligent and articulate conversation with both sides might help others in this country enter into conversation in this time of division.” CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPSince the Supreme Court draft opinion that showed the high court is likely to overturn Roe v. Wade was leaked, the media has characterized the pro-life side as radical.For instance a report on NPR’s “All Things Considered” claimed the pro-life side had shared goals with “White supremacist, Christian supremacist, and secular male supremacist” groups. A Washington Post columnist also compared the end of Roe v. Wade to the deadliest terrorist attack on our nation’s soil.

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