Piers Morgan on Biden’s vow to defend Taiwan: This ‘crazy situation’ keeps happening

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Fox Nation host Piers Morgan said on “Fox & Friends” Monday the Biden administration keeps getting in the same “crazy situation” after President Biden makes a gaffe. The White House clarified Monday its policy on Taiwan and China has not changed after Biden vowed the U.S. will send the military to defend Taiwan against a Chinese invasion.US MILITARY WILL DEFEND TAIWAN ‘IF IT COMES TO THAT,’ BIDEN SAYSPIERS MORGAN: I think someone should tell President Biden what the policy is because the White House says he stuck to longtime policy, but he clearly hasn’t. Longtime policy has not been that the US would engage directly militarily if China invades Taiwan. It’s always been strategic. Ambiguity has been the policy. They’ve never committed to doing that. So President Biden once again has said something public about a big foreign policy situation, which has dramatic repercussions. And the White House has to immediately, they’re sort of walking it back, aren’t they? But then they say, we’re not walking it back. They try and pretend what we’ve just heard him say is not what he just said and we’ve had this all year. I just think it’s a sort of crazy situation where the leader of the free world keeps making these pronouncements. WATCH THE FULL INTERVIEW BELOW:To hear more from Piers Morgan, visit foxnation.com and subscribe to Fox Nation today to stream ‘Piers Morgan Uncensored.’ 

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