Piers Morgan dishes on Taliban interview, says ‘woke’ US corporations silent on misogynist Afghan rulers

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Fox Nation host Piers Morgan spoke to “Hannity” about his recent, contentious interview with Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen, in which Morgan challenged him about Afghanistan’s restrictions on women in school and strict hijab laws.In clips from the interview, now streaming on Fox Nation, Morgan sparred with Shaheen over what he reported is a near-ban on girls in upper-grade levels.”The issue of secondary-school education for girls. They are under consideration,” Shaheen replied.During a back-and-forth about hijab laws, Shaheen claimed many women choose to “observ[e] hijab” while Morgan maintained the body-covering clothing is compulsory under Taliban rule.CLAY & BUCK RIP ‘JIMMY CARTER WITHOUT THE ACCOMPLISHMENTS’ BIDEN OVER UNFETTERED INFLATION Speaking with Hannity, Morgan added that “woke” corporate executives express outrage at certain U.S. education and election policies – but remain largely silent on the atrocities happening in Afghanistan where, as host Sean Hannity reported, many Americans or green-card-holders remain stuck.”We hear a lot from big corporations like Disney when they want a virtue-signal down in Florida about sex education to young kids, but not a word from them about the oppression of millions of Afghani women in Afghanistan,” he said.TALIBAN SPOX WARNS US NOT TO ‘INTERFERE’ WITH AFGHAN CULTURE”Because, of course, it was a Democrat president that created this fiasco [and] that shows a political bias for all these corporations. None of them dare speak out about this kind of thing.”Hannity agreed, adding that it has been 270 days since Biden “abandoned fellow Americans behind enemy lines … and surrendered to the Taliban.”CLICK TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP
Piers Morgan.
(Getty Images)Of his interview with Shaheen, Morgan added that he challenged the spokesman on the education policy again in his closing portion, asking if Shaheen’s daughters must abide by the same rules.Morgan reported that Shaheen is based in Qatar, which has much less restrictive governance.”I said, do they go to school? – He’s in Doha – Yes, he said, they do,” Morgan recounted. “And of course, that right there is the hypocrisy, which is riddled through the Taliban ethos. One rule for them [and] their children, another rule for these poor school girls in Afghanistan.”Morgan concluded that the “catastrophic failure” in Afghanistan will be on Biden’s conscience “for the rest of his life.”

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