NYPD removes 8,000 bees from World Trade Center building

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Thousands of bees were removed from a New York City’s World Trade Center last weekend. NYPD News tweeted about the swarm removal, which happened on Saturday night, at 3 World Trade Center, near the Freedom Tower in Lower Manhattan.”There was quite a buzz late last night at 3 World Trade Center as 8,000 honeybees swarmed the side of the building,” the May 29 tweet read.BABY SLOTH REUNITED WITH MOM AFTER RESCUERS REPLAY ITS CRIES”Thankfully, a quick response from @NYPDBees resulted in the safe capture of our flying friends who were relocated without incident to an apple orchard,” NYPD News added. Along with the tweet, the NYPD shared two images of the bees, which appeared to be over the entrance to the building. It is unclear what orchard the bees were relocated to. 
NYPD beekeepers removed the 8.000 bees from 3 World Trade Center, near the Freedom Tower in Lower Manhattan on Saturday, May 28.
(NYPD)CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP The NYPD has been busy removing bees in recent months. On May 15, the NYPD beekeepers relocated approximately 15,000 bees that had nested in a tree in Queens. In a tweet from May 16, the NYPD Bees account posted pictures and a video of the bee colony.”In queens [sic] last night, while removing and rehoming this newly established colony of approx. 15k honey bees, I was able to take some footage of them inside of the tree they had nested in using a fiber optic camera,” the NYPD Bees account tweeted.CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR LIFESTYLE NEWSLETTER 

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