Liberals called out for condemnation of Supreme Court gun ruling amid crime crisis

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Liberals across the country but especially  in New York expressed outrage following the Supreme Court siding with the NYS Rifle & Pistol Association in striking down one of the Empire State’s notoriously-stringent gun laws governing legal, concealed firearms.Gov. Kathleen Hochul – who ascended to the seat after her former boss Andrew Cuomo resigned — declared the high bench wants to take the nation back to the Colonial era, claiming the Congress then only prescribed the law to firearms technology of the time:”I’m sorry this dark day has come, that we’re supposed to go back to what was in place since 1788 when the Constitution of the United States of America was ratified,” she said.”I would like to point out to the Supreme Court justices that the only weapons at the time were muskets. I’m prepared to go back to muskets.” – while New York City Mayor Eric Adams further decried the court decision.CRUZ CALLS ON SENATE TO SUPPORT CRUZ-BARRASSO ALTERNATIVE GUN BILL
New York’s Eric Adams and Kathy Hochul both ripped the Supreme Court ruling
(REUTERS/Andrew Kelly)Republican lawmakers in other states with stringent gun control laws said the ruling casts doubt on the veracity of their own restrictionsMaryland Congressman Andy Harris – the state’s lone House Republican – said in a statement the Old Line State’s current law requiring a “good and substantial” reason to obtain a permit, thereby does indeed infringe on Second Amendment rights.On “The Five,” host Greg Gutfeld called Hochul “as sharp as a frisbee” for her take, adding she and Albany Democrats hypocritically have “done nothing” to curb violent crime while now demanding law-abiding citizens not be able to properly defend themselves.BIDEN ACCUSED OF DEMONIZING MOM-N-POP GAS STATION OWNERS
Clarence and Virginia Thomas. Justice Thomas wrote the majority opinion. (Drew Angerer/Getty)
(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)”She has no right to come and complain when the public embraces self-protection as a right,” he said. “The fact is, you let out repeat offenders you defund [police], you reduce penalties for gun crime – Forgive me if I’m going to turn my house into an armed fortress,” said Gutfeld, who in the past similarly criticized New York officials’ inaction while his Manhattan neighborhood was torn up by Black Lives Matter rioters in 2020.CLICK TO GET FOX NEWS APPCo-host Judge Jeanine Pirro called out Adams for what she called his tardy outrage over people carrying illegal guns following Justice Clarence Thomas’ majority opinion.”Don’t tell me that they are, because they’re not,” she said. “They’re letting them out of jail to hit the streets again and victimize the rest of us.”Pirro added that Justice Thomas rightly wrote the U.S. has an “enduring… tradition that permits a public carry.””So don’t even question it,” she said. Charles Creitz is a reporter for Fox News Digital. 

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