Left-wing groups protest outside Supreme Court Justices’ homes ahead of abortion ruling: It’s ‘intimidation’

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Fox News host Sean Hannity addressed multiple attacks on pregnancy centers and increasing intimidation from protesters in front of Supreme Court Justices’ homes.SEAN HANNITY: Alright now tonight more left-wing intimidation tactics ahead of the Supreme Court’s expected abortion ruling, I guess it can come any day now. Now pro-abortion protesters swarmed outside of Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s home this weekend dressed in clothing appearing to be soaked with blood take a look at this. Holding baby doll toys, holding signs reading things like abortion on demand with no apology. Remember it was Jen Psaki who actually encouraged that type of demonstration which in fact does violate federal law 18 US c 1507. LIBERALS CELEBRATE PROTESTS OUTSIDE SCOTUS JUSTICES’ HOMES, CHURCHES: ‘MASS RESISTANCE’You can’t intimidate, you can’t harass a judge especially on the verge of making a decision it also comes as at least 20 now pregnancy centers have been targeted by vandalism and property damage since the draft leak of the Supreme Court’s opinion. And remember that group Ruth Sent Us also called for demonstrations at Justice Comey Barrett’s church and even named the school that her children attend. Even said how many times she goes to church on any given week. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP WATCH THE FULL MONOLOGUE HERE:  This article was written by Fox News staff.

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