Biden would rather beg Saudis to pump more oil than take on progressives: GOP congressman

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Rep. Michael Waltz, R-Fla. joined Martha MacCallum Monday to denounce President Biden’s approach to lowering energy costs through the Middle East over domestic means on ‘The Story.’BIDEN TO VISIT SAUDI ARABIA, ISRAEL, WEST BANK IN JULY REP. MICHAEL WALTZ: Yeah. Martha, isn’t it incredible that once again, the president has boxed himself in with his asinine energy policy, that he is having to go over to the Middle East after insulting the Saudis throughout his campaign and go over as a supplicant, basically. I mean, it’s transparent to everyone that he’s over there to “mother, may I?” – beg and plead for the Saudis to pump more when all he would have to do is take on the progressives here back home and pump more, which, oh, by the way, is cleaner American oil and gas. OIL INDUSTRY EXEC BLASTS BIDEN ADMIN’S ‘MIXED MESSAGES’ AS GAS PRICES HIT RECORD HIGHSAnd if he would just do that, if he would just take them on politically, he would not only be lowering prices for Americans and helping himself politically, but he would also be starving oil-rich dictatorships around the world, from Iran to Venezuela to Putin himself of their cash. And by the way, just very quickly, Martha, Putin right now is back at prewar export levels for every European country that has turned away or the United States [that] turn[ed] away, China has stepped in twofold, and China’s now seen a 50% increase in imports of Russian gas. So this is just broken across the board. And there is one fix: That’s unleash American energy. And he refuses to do it. DOWNLOAD THE FOX NEWS APP HEREWATCH THE FULL INTERVIEW HERE: This article was written by Fox News staff.

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