Levin torches Biden’s inflation blame game: ‘Big Meat, Big Oil, Big Tampon’ but never himself

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President Biden continues to be hammered over rising inflation, an energy crisis and general decline in American quality of life, Mark Levin said Sunday on Fox News.Levin, who served as the Reagan Justice Department chief of staff, said his former boss employed a much different strategy than Biden when he inherited the stagflation of former President Jimmy Carter in 1981 that has been compared to the crisis under the current administration.”I lived through the 1970s into the ’80s — Carter and Reagan,” he said, noting the Federal Reserve then too began rapidly increasing interest rates.”But Reagan took a different tactic: He slashed taxes on the fiscal side so the American people could at least survive it.”LAWMAKERS WANT ANSWERS AFTER STEPHEN COLBERT STAFFERS ARRESTED AT CAPITOL FOR UNLAWFUL ENTRY Levin noted Biden wants to increase taxes, which he projected will just inflame inflation, and predicted the blame game will continue at the White House.”I guess I’ll blame Putin for that. He blames Big Meat, Big Oil, Big Baby Formula, Big Tampon, Big ‘Everything Else’ for shortages in this country,” he said, as the president has indeed pointed to meatpacking conglomerates and oil companies as a source of Americans’ pain in the wallet.He alluded to certain commodities continuing to be in short supply, such as baby formula and, as-of-late, feminine hygiene products.Fellow Fox News host Jesse Watters quipped on Thursday the compounding commodity shortages illustrate the latest “war on women.”ASHLI BABBITT’S WIDOWER SPEAKS OUT ON JANUARY 6 HEARING
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(istock)On “Life, Liberty & Levin,” he asked Fox Business anchor Dagen McDowell about his analysis and projections, which she said were mostly on-point.”I think that whatever the Biden administration does to respond to the 40-year-high inflation is going to be a policy mistake because they cannot own how they created this hardship for every American, regardless of who folks voted for,” McDowell said.CLICK TO GET FOX NEWS APPShe added Biden had the opportunity earlier in 2022 to decline renominating Fed Chair Jerome Powell, but chose not to, allowing the Trump appointee to serve another term at the U.S. central bank.”If Biden took a page from the Trump playbook, he would have fired him and blamed Jay Powell, and put somebody new in. But he didn’t even do that. So whatever the Biden administration does — maybe they’re going to try to cut checks or rebates to people to pay for gasoline — that’s more fiscal spending and stimulus, so it’s not going to alleviate the problem.”  Charles Creitz is a reporter for Fox News Digital. 

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