For Father’s Day, Central Park visitors share their dads’ best advice

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NEW YORK CITY – Central Park visitors in the Big Apple shared the best advice they received from their dads to celebrate Father’s Day.”My dad always says to live in the moment,” one woman told Fox News. “You’re never going to experience the same things again.”Father’s Day, celebrated June 19 this year, was signed into law in 1976. The holiday was designated for the third Sunday in June each year. “My father always preached: be careful,” Jacob, himself a father, said. “I’ve never really broken a bone or really hurt myself just because I always kept that in the back of my head.”FATHER’S DAY GOLF TIPS THAT WILL IMPRESS DAD: PRACTICE THESE THREE STEPS
A woman visiting from Chicago tells Fox News the best advice her father gave her. (Fox News Digital)
Jacob’s daughter, Bianca, said her father passed the same lesson on to her. She said the advice became the family motto.One New Yorker, Danny, said his father told him: “Never cook bacon naked. Because bacon sizzles.””If hope was dope we would all be high,” Danny continued. “If wishes were fishes we’d all be living in the ocean.” FOR FATHER’S DAY, 21 COOL AND AMAZING GIFT IDEAS FOR DAD THIS YEAR
Danny, a New Yorker, tells Fox News his dad advised him to never cook bacon naked. (Fox News Digital) 
One woman from Chicago said her dad advised: “If you don’t know who to vote for on a ballot, always vote for the woman, and if there isn’t a woman go with the Irishman.”Kaylee, from South Carolina, said her father told her: “If your gut feeling is telling you something, then you should just listen to your gut.”Francesca, visiting from Italy, said her dad told her not to follow “the rules that society sets, like being very skinny.” AMERICA’S CRISIS IS A LACK OF FATHERS
Central Park visitors walk around the before Father’s Day weekend.
CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPOne New Yorker said his father always told him “now is not forever.”Some said mother’s know best. “Do whatever she says,” one man said.  Lisa Bennatan is an associate producer/writer for Fox News Digital Originals. Follow her on Twitter @LisaBennatan and Instagram @Lisa_Bennatan

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