Ford Heritage Vault opens to public with over 5,000 classic images and brochures online

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Ford is cracking open the vault.The automaker has launched a new website full of historic images and brochures that can be searched and shared by fans of the brand.The Ford Heritage Vault was curated over the past two years and includes over 5,000 selections covering Ford’s first century, from 1903 to 2003.Ford archive and heritage brand manager Ted Ryan said the archive was first established 70 years ago and that this gives Ford enthusiasts an easy way to interact with it. “This is just the first step for all that will come in the future,” Ryan said.General Motors has operated the similar GM Heritage Center website for several years.
The 1949 Ford was the first all-new American vehicle designed after World War 2.
(Ford)”These assets were born analog, and we have worked hard to bring them to the digital world,” said processing archivist Ciera Casteel.”But digitizing isn’t enough. It was important to us that the Heritage Vault is accessible for everyone to enjoy.”
The collection also includes Lincolns, like this 1927 Model L with coachwork by Dietrich.
(Ford)The collection is being offered free for personal and media usage, but Ford retains the rights to the images for commercial applications.
The Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 was on display at the 1964-1965 New York World’s Fair.
(Ford)Among the library is a rare color photo of the original Mustang Shelby GT350 on display at the 1964-1965 New York World’s Fair.
Ford’s Free Wheelin’ campaign targeted young customers in 1977.
(Ford)There’s also a brochure from Ford’s 1977 “Free Wheelin'” campaign, which was aimed at young, active buyers.
The 1959 Country Squire show car featured a rooftop camper that could double as a boat.
(Ford)Few stand out as much as a 1959 Country Squire wagon equipped with a rooftop camper concept that could double as a boat and included a built-in tent and shower.You can take a trip down memory lane in the Ford Heritage Vault here. Gary Gastelu is’s Automotive Editor covering the car industry and racing @foxnewsautos

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