Biden being ‘sent out to pasture’ as 2022 Democrats flee, media challenges flailing president: Watters

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President Biden will be sent “out to pasture” after Democrats potentially get walloped in the midterm elections, while the normally-friendly media appears to already be turning on their favored candidate, the panel on “The Five” discussed Tuesday.”A memo went out, probably a polling memo or some power-brokers at the Democratic National Committee, saying this guy was good for getting Trump out of there, but he’s not performing,” co-host Jesse Watters said.”CNN is now in on the get rid of Joe thing. The [New York] Times is in on it. It’s out — so he’s bad for ratings at CNN. He’s bad for business.”Watters added he believes Democratic donors are looking at the bear market on Wall Street commenced under Biden and questioning their support for him.ASHLI BABBITT’S WIDOWER SPEAKS OUT ON JAN 6 HEARING
President Biden clasps his hands while listening to questions from reporters. 
(AP)”You think the donors want to suffer a recession this summer? We’re wiping out everything that we’ve gained under his presidency so far. And they’ve had it. So they’re going to put him out to pasture right after the shredding in the midterms,” he predicted.The question is, however, when or whether Biden will realize he’s being abandoned by those power-brokers – given that his characteristic self-admiration may get in the way of recognizing reality, Watters said.”He’s a Biden, he loves himself – he’s wanted to be president his entire life,” he argued.SANDERS, GRAHAM SIT FOR OXFORD-STYLE DEBATE ON OIL CRISIS, TAXES, SOCIALISM AND TRUMP

(President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris face multiple crises.)Cueing in on the media’s defense of Biden, co-host Dana Perino added it appears that “seal” has been “broken” in recent days.”These are his decisions, his policies, and he owns them. So the media did something that now you’re going to see it forever,” she said.”They broke the seal. Right now you’re going to see it everywhere because now there’s no putting this horse back in the barn.”CLICK TO GET FOX NEWS APPGeraldo Rivera, who said he is roughly the same age as Biden, remarked that the president’s age is not a numeric concern. It’s that Biden “lacks a certain vigor and energy” a president needs.”And I think it’s tragic,” he said.”Like everyone else, I’ve ridden this the stock market very rocky. I think I’d be working till I’m 100 at this rate.” Charles Creitz is a reporter for Fox News Digital. 

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