Wisconsin woman rides in a fire truck for 100th birthday: ‘Queen for the day’

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Fidalia “Dale” Breunig celebrated her 100th birthday in style — by riding on a fire truck. Breunig, of Sauk City, Wisconsin, told Fox News Digital that she wasn’t sure if her birthday wish would come true.But when it did — she said she had a fantastic time.”I loved it,” Breunig said. “We drove around and people were out at the curb and they all waved and it was just like some parades.”WWII VETERAN IS WISHING FOR 100 CARDS ON HIS 100TH BIRTHDAYHer four children all joined her on the ride, too. She also has seven grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren. She added of her family and friends, “They really gave me a good time.”Celebrating 100 yearsBreunig turned 100 on April 6, the same day she rode through her town on the fire truck. 
Fidalia “Dale” Breunig celebrated her 100th birthday on April 6 by riding through town on a fire truck. 
(Courtesy Eileen Ripp-Emerson)The centenarian told Fox News Digital that she wanted to ride on a fire truck because of her family connections. Her son is a retired fire chief and her nieces and nephews are volunteer firefighters.”They made quite a fuss over me,” Breunig said of her birthday celebration. “Keep busy and keep moving.” — Fidalia “Dale” Breunig’s secret to living a long lifeBreunig’s daughter, Eileen Ripp-Emerson, told Fox News Digital, “She was queen for the day.”Breunig’s birthday events didn’t stop with the fire truck ride, either.The care center where Breunig lives had a party with cake and she was able to spend time with other residents, friends and family — including her four siblings who all visited her. 
Dale Breunig is one of seven siblings. Though two of her brothers have died, she still has four living siblings who are all younger than her. The four of them visited her for her 100th birthday in April.
(Eileen Ripp-Emerson)Because the party was so busy, Breunig said she wasn’t able to talk much with her siblings on her birthday — but they all came back on another day to have dinner together.Of Breunig’s six siblings, four are still living and they’re all younger than she is, Breunig told Fox News Digital. Her grandfather fought in the Civil War Long life clearly seems to be a running theme in Breunig’s family. She told Fox News Digital that her father was just three months away from his 100th birthday when he died; and his dad — who fought in the Civil War — died at the age of 84, which was old for the time. 
Breunig is shown celebrating her 100th birthday with a cake and party at the care home where she lives.
(Courtesy Eileen Ripp-Emerson)”It runs in my family, I guess,” Breunig said. Throughout her 100 years, Breunig has survived breast cancer, a heart attack and the loss of her late husband.He passed away 24 years ago at the age of 80. 99-YEAR-OLD WWII VETERAN LAUNCHES CAREER AS CHILDREN’S BOOK AUTHOR: ‘READING IS A FOUNDATION’Her personal secret for long life is simple: “Keep busy and keep moving,” she said. “I always had something going,” Breunig added. “I had a house with a big garden and I love flowers, so I had lots of them.”Breunig said she and her husband stayed busy during their 52 years of marriage by square dancing and traveling across the country.”Just don’t get yourself into trouble … And, of course, eat well.” — Fidalia “Dale” Breunig’s secret to living a long lifeBreunig also volunteered for various groups and organizations, including her library and the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul. “I just about tried everything,” Breunig said. “Whoever needed help, I pitched in if I could.” WWII VETERAN CELEBRATES 100TH BIRTHDAY WITH A DANCE: ‘I JUST COULDN’T SIT STILL’”I loved it,” she added. “I love to be with people.”When it comes to living a good life, Breunig’s advice is also pretty straightforward. 
Breunig said that people should be helping other people. “That makes you feel better,” she said. 
(Courtesy Eileen Ripp-Emerson)”Just don’t get yourself into trouble, for one thing,” Breunig said. “And, of course, eat well.”Breunig added that to live a good life, people should help others. “That makes you feel better,” she said.‘Going to try to stay around’ for a while Today, Breunig continues to keep herself busy by walking the hallways of the care center, checking up on her plants and spending time with her family, who visit her often. “We’re very close,” Breunig said of her four children. “I enjoy my children and we have a good time.”CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP Ripp-Emerson explained that she, her sister and one of her brothers live near Breunig’s care home, so they visit all the time. Her other brother lives on the East Coast, but visits as often as he can. 
All four of Breunig’s children (pictured) went with her on the fire truck as they rode through Sauk City, Wisconsin. 
(Courtesy Eileen Ripp-Emerson)”It’s pretty important that we have this,” Ripp-Emerson told Fox News Digital. “As we all look around, we know that we are so fortunate and lucky and blessed.” “I’ve talked to so many classmates and family members that don’t have their parents anymore and I think we’ve got a real winner here,” she added.”We know that we are so fortunate and lucky and blessed.”  Breunig told Fox News Digital that even though there are some challenges — she has macular degeneration and can’t see very well or read — she’s content and comfortable.”I’m enjoying life,” Breunig said, adding, “I’m going to try staying around as long as I can.”CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR LIFESTYLE NEWSLETTER”Let’s put it this way,” her daughter, Ripp-Emerson, added with a laugh. “She’s still saving seeds for next year. So what does that tell you?” Ann W. Schmidt is a lifestyle reporter and editor for Fox News Digital. 

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