‘Woke’ workplaces are sacrificing ‘diversity of thought’ as employees push back: Ramaswamy

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“Nation of Victims” author Vivek Ramaswamy warned the woke culture push is sacrificing real “diversity of thought” in the workplace as employees nationwide push against the movement. Ramaswamy joined “Fox & Friends Weekend” to discuss how employees can counter it and a webinar, hosted by “Color Us United,” on how workers can deal with the “woke” policies. WHAT DOES ‘WOKE’ MEAN?VIVEK RAMASWAMY: I think that employees today have a civic duty and a duty to their companies to speak their minds openly. Because, Rachel, I can tell you, there has never been a time in my adult life where there has been a bigger gap between what people were willing to say in private and what people were willing to say in public. And I just think that is such an indictment of our civic culture. And I’ll tell you something, I think that diversity of thought is really important in corporate America. I think innovation depends on it. I think our culture depends on it. Yet the odd thing is, in the name of diversity, of thought, we have actually sacrificed it in the name of this new Capital “D” diversity movement. And so the goal of this event, the reason why I agreed to speak with Kenny [Xu] – the founder of the organization asked me to the headline this – was that you know what? I think a lot of this can be done in a bottom-up way where employees can recreate that culture in their place of work by just speaking their minds openly. I think that’s the goal we’re trying to drive. WATCH THE ENTIRE INTERVIEW FROM “FOX & FRIENDS WEEKEND” BELOW:

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