Dan Bongino: I am done with Biden’s ‘blame game,’ he simply can’t take responsibility for anything

Fox News host Dan Bongino blasted President Biden for his “blame game” on the nation’s list of crises Saturday night on “Unfiltered.”DAN BONGINO: Joe Biden, he’s like a child. He simply can’t take responsibility for anything. This reminds me how a little kid reacts when they’re caught red-handed. They throw a fit. They make dopey excuses. But we’re not dealing with a little kid or a toddler here, we’re dealing with the president of the United States. He should be the first one in line to take responsibility here. You know the whole “buck stops here” thing.BIDEN SLAMMED FOR GAS PRICES, INFLATION COMMENT: ‘SAYING QUIET PART OUT LOUD’…
U.S. President Joe Biden speaks about inflation and the economy in the South Court Auditorium on the White House campus May 10, 2022 in Washington, DC.
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But Biden’s content with this merry-go-round of excuses and blame — it’s pathetic. Pathetic. Remember the Putin price hike? Remember the big energy companies who refused to use their permits to drill and they were ripping off the American people, remember all that stuff? Those were excuses, too. So, the greedy American oil and gas companies had a bunch of permits they could have used, but they weren’t greedy enough to use them. Does any of this make sense? PRESIDENT BIDEN SEEMS TO PRAISE HIGH GAS PRICES AS ‘INCREDIBLE TRANSITION’ AMERICANS MUST GO THROUGH…Can this guy stop blaming people ever? Listen, these aren’t serious answers because it’s not a serious person. And this is an unserious administration. Listen, we’ve seen it thousands of times when all else fails. Joe Biden blames the Trump administration for all his problems and suckers fall for it.…Even when Trump was actually in charge, the Left blamed him for everything too. Even the problems he had zero control over. Where did COVID come from? Trump’s fault. A deranged individual goes on a shooting spree? Definitely Trump’s fault. Again, you know, think about this, it’s Trump’s fault when he’s in charge, it’s Trump’s fault, when he’s not in charge. Given Trump may likely run again in 2024, they’re probably going to blame him for problems that haven’t even happened yet. Just get ready. Heard it here first. Here’s the truth, never taking responsibility is a hallmark of a troubled, deeply immature individual who’s not serious about fixing anything. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP…Listen, I don’t know how much more [of] this economy and the Americans powering it can take from this guy. The blame game, I’m done with it. There’s a reckoning hopefully coming at the ballot box soon.WATCH THE FULL SEGMENT HERE:

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