Baby formula crisis: Biden’s lack of foresight slammed as ‘uncaring’, ‘stupid’

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President Biden continues to be hammered for failing to recognize the then-looming baby formula shortage months ago, as far back as late 2021 when whistleblowers and other signs foreshadowed the crisis.On “The Five,” Judge Jeanine Pirro said Biden has shown a lack of concern until very recently and appeared to ignore signs of trouble until April by his own admission.”When you’ve got a company like Abbott — I should say there are so few companies that actually make baby food in America for them — and you can’t figure out that there’s going to be a drought in baby formula, then you’re just stupid,” she said.”And for you not to give any kind of confidence or hope to the American people and say, ‘I only learned about this in April when they complained’.”WATTERS RIPS BUTTIGIEG’S ‘BLAME SHIFTING’: ‘MAYOR PETE CAN’T GET BABY FORMULA IN JOE BIDEN’S AMERICA’
The baby formula shortage is just one of the crises dogging President Biden
(Getty images  |   REUTERS/Kaylee Greenlee Beal)Pirro reported there had been a whistleblower within the industry as far back as October warning of a potential crisis.”All of them are so slow and so behind in terms of what they do. There’s no initiative. There’s no caring there,” the former Westchester County district attorney said.In response, co-host Jesse Watters added despite Biden’s tardy recognition of the shortage in April, he didn’t seek emergency flights of European formula shipments until late May.GINGRICH BLASTS PENNA DEMOCRATS ENTRY INTO RGGI GREEN ENERGY INITIATIVE
The Bidens (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)
“Why did he wait until a couple of weeks ago to invoke the Defense Production Act? He said what the timeline is. So the next question is, Mr. President, why did you wait a month and a half to do anything about it? He didn’t answer that question,” Watters said.Co-host Greg Gutfeld remarked that every time Biden by his own admission fails to recognize some event or change is coming, it ends up occurring.CLICK TO GET FOX NEWS APPTherefor, Gutfeld said, Biden’s comments about not seeing a “near-term” price drop in commodities or gasoline may mean there will be one.”Here is the good news, because Joe Biden said he didn’t see it –He didn’t see the Afghanistan pull-out disaster. He didn’t see the baby formula disaster, the crime wave. So if he says he doesn’t see the prices going down, they’re going to go down,” the “Gutfeld!” host said.

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