Biden admin ‘directly responsible’ for gas prices, inflation and they’ll pay for it in midterms: Rep. Emmer

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National Republican Congressional Committee Chair Rep. Tom Emmer, R-Minn., argued on “America Reports” Wednesday that the Biden administration is “directly responsible” for inflation and Democrats will pay for it during the midterm elections in November.BIDEN FRUSTRATED WITH AIDES FOR WALKING BACK HIS STATEMENTS, WORRIES HE LOOKS WEAK: REPORTREP. TOM EMMER: The testimony of the Treasury chair right now rings hollow in light of what Larry Summers was telling this administration and this president 16 months ago. He warned them, if you destroy American energy independence, if you flood the economy with even more money, $1.9 trillion that they flooded into the economy… on top of $800 billion that had yet to even be spent from the previous CARES Acts… you’ve got a consumer base, the citizens who have been locked up for over a year, which you’re going to let them out and start consuming, you’re going to have problems. They saw this coming. They’ve tried to blame it on anything but themselves…[the Biden administration is] directly responsible for the inflation, the gas prices, one crisis after the next, and that’s one of the reasons that Americans will show up in November… change leadership in this country. WATCH THE FULL INTERVIEW BELOW:

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