See it: $625,000 Ferrari slams into three parked cars

The most powerful Ferrari ever… is a plug-in hybrid The newest Ferrari model, the SF90 Stradale, is the company’s most powerful car ever, and happens to be a plug-in hybrid aimed at improving the company’s environmental image. The SF90 Stradale has a 4.0-liter V8 and three electric motors with a combined output of 986 horsepower. The screaming mid-engine supercar can accelerate to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds and hit a top speed of 211 mph.NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles!
It passed its crash test.A security camera captured the moment that a $625,000 Ferrari SF90 supercar slammed into a row of parked cars in the U.K. last week.The red coupe can be seen running into a white compact and pushing it into two cars parked behind it on a two lane road in the Birmingham suburb of Halesowen.The driver of the Ferrari was injured and had to climb out of the window of the vehicle, but the parked cars were unoccupied at the time of the collision.
The SF90 Stradale was wrecked hitting a row of parked cars.
(Haden Cross Fire Station)The Fire and Rescue team responding to the wreck reported that the driver had left the scene, and police were still looking to track them down a day later.
The driver climbed out the window and was uninjured.
(Haden Cross Fire Station)However, a West Midlands Police spokesman told Fox News Autos that he has since been identified and that investigators are in contact with his lawyer.
Ferrari SF90 Stradale has a 986 hp plug-in hybrid powertrain.
(Ferrari)The cause of the accident has not yet been determined. The SF90 straddle is the most powerful Ferrari ever made and features a plug-in hybrid powertrain rated at 986 hp.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPIt has a top speed of 211 mph and is capable of accelerating to 60 mph in 2.0 seconds, according to a Car and Driver test.The SF90 also has a 7.9 kilowatt-hour battery pack that provides up to 9 miles of all-electric driving, which is enough to qualify for a $3,501 federal tax credit in the U.S.

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