Biden says Putin ‘NATOized’ Europe with war in Ukraine

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President Biden Friday said that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine is backfiring, and that the Russian dictator “NATOized” Europe with his brutal war.Biden made the comments at the commencement ceremony for the U.S. Naval Academy Class of 2022, as Scandanivian countries Sweden and Finland seek membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in reaction to the Ukraine war. “The actions taken by Putin were an attempt to use my phrase, to Finlandize all of Europe, make it all neutral,” Biden said, using a term that refers to Findland’s neutrality during the Cold War. “Instead, he NATO-izeded all of Europe.”
President Joe Biden speaks about his administration’s global COVID-19 vaccination efforts ahead of the G-7 summit, Thursday, June 10, 2021, in St. Ives, England. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)
(AP)UKRAINE NEEDS TO FACE REALITY TO END CONFLICT, TALK TO PUTIN: ZELENSKYYBiden touted that his administration’s foreign policy is “built around the power of working together with allies and partners.” He further told the graduating midshipmen that even as they use the most advanced weapons in the world, “the most powerful tool that you wield is our unmatched network of global alliances…, which since I got elected, I’ve been trying to reestablish in detail.”Russia’s war on Ukraine is now in its fourth month, and Ukraine is in a much stronger position than most foreign policy experts predicted when Russia first invaded. Russian forces were stalled in their march toward Ukraine’s capital of Kyiv, and the government and military headed by President Volodymir Zelenskyy is still in control. The United States, which quickly evacuated its embassy in Kyiv when the invasion started, recently returned its diplomats to the Ukrainian capital. REPORTER’S NOTEBOOK: RUSSIA’S UKRAINE WAR, WITNESSING 3 MONTHS OF TRAGEDYMeanwhile, most western countries are joining the United States in imposing severe sanctions on Russia. And Russia is significantly more isolated from the globe than it wsa before the war started, with Europe particularly united against Putin’s expansionalism and moving toward the U.S. and NATO. The most significant movement in that direction since the start of the war were the decisions by Sweden and Finland itself to apply for NATO membership. The countries still must go through an approval process before they’re officially part of NATO, but the move – particularly by Finland which shares a long border with Russia – underscores the level to which countries are coalescing against the treat posed by Russia. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP”Putin’s brutal, brutal war in Ukraine, not only is he trying to take over Ukraine, he’s really trying to wipe out the culture and identity of Ukrainian people,” Biden told the Naval Academy graduating class Friday, raising his voice in outrage. “Attacking schools, nurseries, hospitals, museums with no other purpose than eliminate a culture, a direct assault on the fundamental tenets of rule based international order. That’s what you’re graduating into.”

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