Texas school shooting: Jesse Watters calls on law enforcement to be more upfront

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Fox News host Jesse Watters told viewers on Thursday’s “Jesse Watters Primetime” monologue there much more questions than answers 48 hours after the Texas school shooting, saying that “it looks like a lot went wrong.”JESSE WATTERS: It’s been over 48 hours since the disgusting shooting in Uvalde, Texas, left 19 children and two teachers dead. And two days out, we’re still trying to figure out what happened. This afternoon the Texas Department of Public Safety attempted to clear the air, but ended up leaving us with more questions than answers… Police say Ramos locked himself in the classroom at 11:44. They also say that they didn’t enter the classroom until an hour later. That’s when Ramos was shot and killed. So what in the world happened during that time? Well, we really don’t know what police were doing because they’ve been pretty vague with us.TEXAS SCHOOL SHOOTING: LIVE UPDATES
A mourner places her hand on a memorial for a victim of Tuesday’s mass shooting at an elementary school, in City of Uvalde Town Square on May 26, 2022 in Uvalde, Texas. 
(Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)…And while all of this was unfolding inside the school, crowds of parents had gathered on the outside of the school, overcome with panic… How would you feel if you were one of those parents wondering if your child was alive or dead? And from that perspective, police weren’t doing anything. So they were terrified and they were angry. And how did police treat them? CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP Well, The Wall Street Journal talked to a mom at the school who said that federal marshals put her in handcuffs and threatened to arrest her. That same mother also told The Wall Street Journal, quote, She saw a father tackled and thrown to the ground by police and a third pepper-sprayed. Another parent was tasered. It’s been over 48 hours since this horrific shooting happened, and we definitely have a lot more questions than answers. I feel like we’re not getting the whole story here. Law enforcement, everybody involved needs to be more upfront. We need to know what happened because it looks like a lot went wrong. 

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