Nancy Grace on Texas school shooting, gunman’s messages: ‘We are failing parents’

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Fox Nation host Nancy Grace expressed outrage at the failure to identify the Texas school shooter prior to the murder of 19 children and two adults. On “Fox & Friends” Thursday, Grace outlined Salvador Ramos’ “very disturbing” social media posts that surfaced following the shooting at Robb Elementary School.TEXAS SCHOOL SHOOTING: LIVE UPDATESNANCY GRACE: Three posts show that he knew very well what he was going to do. He wasn’t crazy. He wasn’t suffering any type of fugue state. He posted he was going to go shoot up a school after shooting his grandmother in the face. He took a backpack and one gun that he had bought. …He posted pictures of the guns. He posted pictures of bags of ammo. These guns were the equivalent to Vietnam-type M-16 semiautomatic weapons. He goes to the school backpack, gun visible, enters through a side door, back hallway, and barricades himself in the classroom. This guy is so full of hate and evil that he guns down little children. Can I tell you how many times I’ve ridden by the children’s school since this happened? Checking to see if any doors were open or anyway an evil-doer could get in. And I feel like we’re failing parents. With these posts, I wonder why Facebook, where it was posted on a direct message – it wasn’t a public post – couldn’t have picked it up based on the words alone “shoot school.” They monitor other malware. Why not this? WATCH THE FULL VIDEO BELOW:For more on the crime expert’s insight into the Uvalde, Texas school shooting, visit and subscribe today to watch ‘Crime Stories with Nancy Grace.’

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