Arizona border crossings still high despite Title 42 ruling

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YUMA, ARIZONA – In the first four months of 2020, some 300 people illegally crossed into the U.S. near Yuma, Arizona.This year, the total is 27,000. Hundreds of people have been crossing every day — men, women and children walking through a gap in the border wall.
A volunteer cleans up the belongings left behind by undocumented people crossing through a gap in the border wall near Yuma, Arizona. (Ashley Soriano/Fox News)
Officials have used a health order called Title 42 to send people back to their home countries to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the U.S.FBI CHIEF SAYS CBP FACING ‘HECK OF A CHALLENGE’ WITH NATIONAL SECURITY THREATS AT SOUTHERN BORDERA judge recently ruled it would stay in place for now, but many risk the trip, regardless.”I’m looking for a better future, better opportunities that our country doesn’t provide. It’s very difficult,” said Felipe Marroquín in Spanish. He’s from Colombia and arrived in the U.S. Tuesday morning with his 4-year old-daughter Lauren.And Verine Metalle walked five days and rode three boats to get here from Brazil with his two-year-old daughter.”They’re killing people. I don’t want to live there. That’s why I came here,” Metalle said.GEORGE BUSH ASSASSINATION PLOT ‘PRECISELY’ THE CONCERN WE HAD WITH BIDEN’S OPEN BORDER POLICIES: REP. KATKOAnd José Acuña left his 7-year-old son and pregnant wife behind in Peru.”It was very tough, a sacrifice, and it’s hot,” Acuña said.One after the other crosses with a similar story — worn out shoes, empty water bottles, finding shade anywhere possible.Yuma will reach triple digit temperatures this week.But the heat isn’t keeping them from crossing.Dennis Cook’s backyard overlooks the wall.YUMA LAW ENFORCEMENT OVERWHELMED BY ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: ‘ABSOLUTE CHAOS’
Dennis Cook has lived along the Arizona-Mexico border for nine years. (Ashley Soriano/Fox News)
He’s lived here for nine years.”[Back] then we might have 100 a month. Now we have well over a hundred every day. It goes on all night long.”The border wall wasn’t always in his backyard.It was built under the Trump Administration, and he says illegal immigration has only gotten worse since President Biden took office.Border apprehensions along the entire U.S.-Mexico border this year jumped from nearly 155,000 in January to 234,000 last month. For now, Title 42 remains, and the illegal crossings carry on.”Gracias a Díos y a la Virgencita de Guadalupe. Hoy por estoy acá,” Acuña said.He’s thanking God and the Virgin of Guadalupe that he made it.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPArizona Republicans have pledged to finish securing the border with a wall or fencing, but so far, no timeline on when that might happen.

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