‘Jaws’ child star now named police chief on Martha’s Vineyard

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A former child star in “Jaws” turned real-life police officer has been named police chief of Oak Bluffs in Massachusetts’ Martha’s Vineyard. Jonathan Searle had a brief role in the Steven Spielberg 1975 film as one of the pranksters who placed a shark fin in ocean waters. A Martha’s Vineyard native, Searle has been a long-serving Edgartown officer since 1986, according to the Vineyard Gazette. Searle’s appointment was reported by the Gazette on May 16, with the vote coming down to 3-1. “I’m clearly elated and I’m humbled and honored to have been offered the position,” Searle told the Gazette. REAL-LIFE ‘JAWS’: TERRIFYING GREAT WHITE SHARK IMAGE MIRRORS 1975 CLASSIC FILM”Jaws” featured several location shots in Martha’s Vineyard as the film followed a police officer’s efforts in ridding the local waters of the fictional Amity of a killer shark. 
Edgartown Police Sgt. Jonathan Searle films a public service announcement in March 2021, in Edgartown, Massachusetts, on the island of Martha’s Vineyard.
(Jeremy Driesen/Vineyard Gazette via AP)Searle’s brief acting stint in the film has been previously highlighted by the Edgartown Police Department, with the department sharing a social media post in 2019 in honor of the film’s 44th anniversary, according to People. GREAT WHITE SHARK STALKING THE EAST COAST SPOTTED NEAR NEW JERSEY, CAROLINAS”Also, anytime we can show off the fact that Sgt. Searle was in ‘Jaws’ is a good day!!,” the department wrote. CLICK HERE FOR THE FOX NEWS APPSearle is expected to take over the position next month. The Associated Press contributed to this report. 

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