Texas shooting: Retired NYPD lieutenant calls for school resource officers to be armed

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Criminal justice expert Darrin Porcher assessed how politicians and law enforcement can better reinforce soft targets to prevent mass shootings in the wake of the tragedy at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, Tuesday on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”DARRIN PORCHER: This is a very unfortunate narrative, however, it keeps repeating itself — it’s somewhat repetitive. As modern-day law enforcement, we’re really great on the response, however, the problem that we have is fortification and omnipresence on soft targets such as this school… The school resource officers on many occasions are not equipped with firearms for these elementary schools. That needs to change. The dynamic of these mass shootings is becoming more and more prevalent in our society, however, we have our elected officials that come on television, they jump up and down, but there is no execution strategy because we have a flawed purpose in how we protect these elementary schools.UVALDE, TEXAS SCHOOL SHOOTING: 18 STUDENTS, ONE ADULT KILLED, SUSPECTED SHOOTER DEADIt goes back to why did we not have a police officer, meaning an armed resource officer, at the front of this school? When we look at a lot of these mass shootings that have happened in many places throughout the country, it’s the same thing. Oftentimes bad guys will go the other way when they see a good guy with a gun in front of a school. But, at the same token we still don’t get it. I’m not saying that we need to arm these schools with Sherman tanks, but, at the same token, we need to understand the narrative of our school system is not being protected the way it should be. Unfortunately, this is an example of how it manifests when we are unprepared.WATCH FULL INTERVIEW HERE:

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