Greg Gutfeld: NYC violence is random and it’s brutal

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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld reflected on combating crime following a man being randomly shot on a subway car in New York City on “The Five.”GREG GUTFELD: There is a sense of fatalism that these problems are simply inevitable and will not change and that crime is now just part of life and, you know, it’s the exact opposite of the shared optimism that we had, say, 20 years ago or even 15… NEW YORK CITY POLICE INVESTIGATING AFTER 48-YEAR-OLD MAN SHOT AND KILLED ON SUBWAY TRAIN You had the greatest city on earth that was also safe, but now it’s like, you know what? If you don’t like it, you get out, you know. This is the way it is and… I remember watching Death Wish and all these movies when I was a kid thinking I’d never go to New York. This is actually worse and weirder because the violence is random and it’s brutal and it’s like I mean, people just ghouls, just pushing people in front of subways and I said this on Friday… How do we define rock bottom?  Like, what is it when the liberal leadership decide, “OK, we can’t take anymore” because everybody else has had enough. What does it take? We keep redefining our expectations of society lower and lower, so that we will now accept a man going to brunch at 11 a.m. in a nice part of town, getting shot dead… CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP This all goes back to de Blasio. He was the one who said…we needed fewer cops on the subway. We needed a lesser presence because it made people uncomfortable and now we’re reaping the consequences and he says he’s going to run for Congress. Not on my watch.  

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