Gingrich on ‘Fox & Friends’: Biden was right about Taiwan and ‘his staff is nuts’

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Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich praised Biden for pledging U.S. support of Taiwan in the event China decides to attack, arguing he was “instinctively” right, but his staff is “nuts” for walking back his remarks. Gingrich reiterated clear communication is key in dealing with Beijing during “Fox & Friends” on Monday. US MILITARY WILL DEFEND TAIWAN ‘IF IT COMES TO THAT,’ BIDEN SAYS NEWT GINGRICH: I think that all of his key people are hard line left-wingers who are terrified of the world, and I think that Biden instinctively here was right. And I believe, and as you know, Claire Christiensen and I wrote a book on Trump versus China and laid out the whole Chinese threat. I think that the clearer you can be, we’re not in a situation of strategic ambiguity, because you don’t want Xi Jinping to try to gamble and try to take Taiwan. I thought Biden was right, and his staff is nuts.WATCH THE FULL INTERVIEW FROM “FOX & FRIENDS” BELOW:

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