Bongino: It’s only the Land of the Free until big government says it’s not

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Fox News host Dan Bongino discussed how important Americans’ privacy really is if the government is watching their every move on Saturday’s “Unfiltered.”DAN BONGINO: What does it mean to live free? Yeah, we could do what we want. Go where we want, say mostly what we want within the confines of the law. But are we really free if the government is watching our every move as we do it? I mean, how important is our privacy? Pretty darn important. But you’re probably saying, you know, watching what we’re doing isn’t necessarily stopping what we do. If you’re a liberal, you’re probably thinking that, but could the government do that if they wanted to? 
Computer code on a screen with a skull representing a computer virus / malware attack.
(iStock)CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP We’re in a really dangerous place where all government needs is a reason to act now and your freedom will vanish like that. So how did we get here? You ever notice every single time there’s an emergency or a crisis, big government swoops right in with some big idea of how to make the crisis go away? You know, incredibly, this is nothing new. They’ve been doing this for a long time. 

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