Durham probe prosecution’s problem isn’t evidence, it’s the District of Columbia jury: Nunes

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As the trial of former Hillary Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussmann continues, special counsel John Durham’s challenge ultimately won’t be preponderance of evidence, but convincing an inside-the-beltway jury to convict him, Devin Nunes told Fox News on Friday.The former House Intelligence Committee chairman said it was amazing to see Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign manager, Robby Mook, offer testimony that his former boss gave the go-ahead to share with the media incompletely-substantiated allegations against Donald Trump relating to purported Russian connections.
(REUTERS/Julia Nikhinson)”The Clintons have always been up to dirty tricks, but the fact that they corrupted our intelligence agencies and the media – who are sitting in court right now putting out live reports – they were ones who received this very information and wrote about it,” Nunes said. “And now they act like, ‘Oh my God, I don’t know anything about this’ – It’s absolutely amazing to watch this unfold.”SPECIAL COUNSEL JOHN DURHAM’S PROSECUTION OF MICHAEL SUSSMANN: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOWIn that regard, Nunes said, given how closely intertwined and supported Clintonworld is within the District of Columbia, it might be difficult for Durham to secure a conviction.
(REUTERS/Julia Nikhinson)”I think Durham’s issue here is not going to be that he doesn’t have evidence,” he said, noting the city’s staggering Democratic lean.SUSSMANN TRIAL SHOWS ‘ELITES’ SEEK DESTRUCTION OF OUTSIDERS: GABBARDClinton received 91% of the vote compared to Trump’s 4%, while the last Republican mayor the District elected – then under its commissioner-system – was Henry B.F. McFarland in 1900.
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Nunes further claimed some jurors in the case are “friends with Sussmann’s kids” and that both factors could therefore muddle the ability to convict the attorney.”And then you have jurors who definitely supported Hillary Clinton,” he said.CLICK TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPSussmann told then-FBI General Counsel James Baker in September 2016 he was not doing work “for any client” when he requested and attended a meeting in which he presented “purported data and “white papers” that allegedly demonstrated a cover communication channel between the Trump Organization and the Kremlin-linked Alfa Bank.

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