Vernon Jones: Dems’ claims about Georgia voter suppression were a ‘bunch of nothing’

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Republican Vernon Jones said Democrats “played the race card” with their criticism of the Georgia voter law last year. The congressional candidate joined “Fox & Friends First” to point out how the state is actually shattering early voting records despite the left’s claims about voter suppression. GEORGIA EARLY VOTING SHATTERS RECORDS DESPITE ELECTION REFORMS DEMS LABELED ‘VOTER SUPPRESSION’VERNON JONES: So really, it was a bunch of nothing about nothing. They play the race card. That’s what Democrats do. They play the race card. I’m not surprised that this was not part of the overall plan to get Black people and minorities riled up for the elections, because that’s the playbook that Democrats use during the election. They don’t have the issues to stand on. They just use race. WATCH FULL VIDEO BELOW: 

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