Pennsylvania Republican primary election too close to call

Pennsylvania GOP Senate candidates Kathy Barnette, Mehmet Oz, David McCormick. NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles!
Good morning and welcome to Fox News’ morning newsletter, Fox News First. Subscribe now to get Fox News First in your email. And here’s what you need to know to start your day …SUSPENSE-YLVANIA – Swing state’s high-profile GOP Senate primary too close to call. Continue reading …END OF THE ROAD – Trump-endorsed incumbent suffers stunning primary loss after scandals. Continue reading …ALLIANCE EXPANDING – Finland, Sweden file NATO applications — but one member nation objects. Continue reading …GREEN DREAMS – Biden admin risks Americans’ retirement accounts to push climate agenda. Continue reading …TOUGH ‘ROE’ AHEAD – Dem goal of codifying abortion rights faces major legal obstacles, expert says. Continue reading … POLITICSFIGHTING ‘FATPHOBIA’ – Woke universities have a new social justice crusade. Continue reading …BIOLOGY RIDICULED – Wyoming GOP senator booed by college grads for listing ‘existence of two sexes’ as ‘scientific truth.’ Continue reading …JEWISH STATE A ‘CATASTROPHE’? – Rashida Tlaib, Squad introduce resolution recognizing the ‘catastrophe’ of Israel’s creation. Continue reading …‘UNFOCUSED GLOBALISM’ – Hawley explains why he voted against the ‘astronomical’ $40B Ukraine aid bill. Continue reading … MEDIADOG WHISTLE? – MSNBC’s Chuck Todd claims the right appeases White supremacists by crying ‘free speech.’ Continue reading …‘EXCRUCIATING TO WATCH’ – New White House press secretary blasted for botching answer to inflation question. Continue reading …ALL ABOUT SLAVERY – ‘The View’ hosts clash over ‘rigged’ Electoral College, some claim system ‘based in slavery.’ Continue reading …NO MORE MR. NICE BIDEN – Politico reports Biden is ‘finally’ going to stop ‘trying to work with GOP’ and instead go on the ‘attack.’ Continue reading … PRIME TIMEJESSE WATTERS – If Biden really cared, he’d talk about what really fueled the Buffalo rampage. Continue reading …TUCKER CARLSON – The Democratic Party has decided they will change the electorate. Continue reading …LAURA INGRAHAM – Here are the next steps Americans must take after Tuesday’s primary elections. Continue reading … IN OTHER NEWSMUSK RESPONDS – Elon Musk calls out Twitter employee caught in Project Veritas video mocking his Asperger’s. Continue reading …IMMIGRATION RULING – SCOTUS rules 5-4 against illegal immigrant seeking to avoid deportation, Gorsuch sides with liberals justices. Continue reading …KIDNAPPING VICTIM RESCUED – KFC employee reportedly helped save kidnapping victim who left secret note. Continue reading …THEY’RE OUT THERE – Pentagon shows declassified photos and video, clip of unexplainable floating object at House hearing on UFOs. Continue reading … FOX WEATHER What’s it looking like in your neighborhood? Continue reading… THE LAST WORD”In Buffalo, a city mourning after a racist nutjob went on a shooting spree, Joe Biden treated it like it was just another campaign stop where instead of uniting a broken city, he used it to blame America for being complicit in White supremacy.”- JESSE WATTERS    FOLLOW FOX NEWS ON SOCIAL MEDIAFacebookInstagramYouTubeTwitterLinkedIn SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTERSFox News FirstFox News OpinionFox News LifestyleFox News Entertainment (FOX411)  DOWNLOAD OUR APPSFox NewsFox BusinessFox WeatherFox SportsTubi  WATCH FOX NEWS ONLINEFox News GoThis edition of Fox News First was compiled by Fox News’ Jack Durschlag. Thank you for making us your first choice in the morning! We’ll see you in your inbox first thing Thursday.

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