Three-way Pennsylvania primary has two ‘very strong’ general election candidates: Karl Rove

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Fox News contributor Karl Rove offered his predictions for the hotly-contested Pennsylvania Senate race Tuesday, arguing David McCormick and Dr. Oz would both be “strong candidates” if either prevails in the primary election. Rove made the remarks on “America’s Newsroom,” warning Kathy Barnette, another GOP contender, may not be successful in the general election because of “lingering questions” surrounding her record and recent remarks. TRUMP’S GOP CLOUT ON THE LINE IN HIGH-PROFILE REPUBLICAN PRIMARIES IN PENNSYLVANIA, NORTH CAROLINA, IDAHOKARL ROVE: I think both Oz, who has Trump’s endorsement, and David McCormick would be very strong candidates in the general election. Kathy Barnette I’m not certain. She’s not been vetted by the press. There are lots and lingering questions… She’s got a compelling life story, but we don’t know a lot about her. She lost a congressional race by 20 points, and she has said some strange things here coming down to the end. And the most impressive of which was to say, if I don’t win, I’m not going to support either one of these guys in the general election. That’s not exactly the kind of team spirit the… Republican primary voters like to hear as they come down to the end. WATCH THE ENTIRE INTERVIEW FROM “AMERICA’S NEWSROOM” BELOW:

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