Terrell on Buffalo mass shooting: ‘Impossible’ suspect’s family didn’t know about his mental health

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After investigators announced they will interview the parents of the suspect who gunned down a Buffalo grocery store, Saturday, Fox News contributor Leo Terrell called it “impossible” that the suspect’s family and friends weren’t aware of his mental health condition following an evaluation Payton Gendron had submitted to prior to the weekend’s massacre. Terrell joined ‘America’s Newsroom,’ Monday, to argue that had a subsequent judicial evaluation been done, Gendron would have never been able to purchase the gun that was allegedly used in Saturday’s shooting.BUFFALO SHOOTING VICTIMS IDENTIFIED, INCLUDE POLICE OFFICER, DEACON, LOCAL PANTRY CHEFLEO TERRELL: Mental health evaluations are done all the time. In this particular case, it’s important for the viewers to know this matter was never taken to a court any a judicial decision was determined whether or not this person was a viable threat and needed mental assistance. If that was done, he would have never been able to purchase a gun. But that judicial evaluation was not done. And if for whatever reason, we don’t know. But I will submit to you the following. I find it impossible for his immediate family and friends not to know what was going on in this man’s life day to day. I find that impossible. And I think there’s a lot of people with mental health issues. What I’ve experienced is family members are in denial and they don’t want to acknowledge that something’s wrong with their son or with their daughter. And that’s the problem. WATCH THE FULL ‘AMERICA’S NEWSROOM’ VIDEO BELOW:

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