Kat Cammack torches Biden admin. on baby formula shortage: Exactly what ‘America last’ looks like

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Rep. Kat Cammack, R-Fla., slammed the White House on “Fox & Friends” Friday for American families facing a shortage of baby formula while images show the same formula on stocked shelves at U.S. border facilities.GOP REP SAYS ILLEGAL MIGRANTS SENT ‘PALLETS’ OF HARD-TO-FIND BABY FORMULAKAT CAMMACK: You know, just like you, I was equally appalled. And it was earlier in the week I had received a text message from several different border agents sending me pictures and videos of stocked warehouses, pallets of baby formula. These agents themselves have families, and they have family members that can’t get this baby formula in the stores in Texas and Arizona and New Mexico. Yet they go to work, and they’re unloading pallets of baby food out of the back of tractor-trailers. It’s outrageous. If you have to sum it up, this is exactly what America last looks like. Meanwhile, moms across the country are panicking. They can’t get their hands on formula. And as you said, 40% across the country is out in my state. Close to 50% of baby formula is out. And that’s in Florida and several other states. How?WATCH FULL VIDEO BELOW:

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