Sen. Kennedy: Biden needs to stop being a ‘chump’ and fire all the ‘wokers’ who caused inflation

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Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., roasted President Biden on “America Reports” Wednesday for “insulting” the American people by blaming inflation on Russian President Putin and greedy corporations instead of the “wokers” in his White House.DAVID ASMAN TORCHES BIDEN’S INFLATION PLAN: CHANNEL GEORGE COSTANZA AND ‘DO EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE’SEN. JOHN KENNEDY: If I could sit down with the president today one-on-one here’s what I’d tell him. I’d tell him, Mr. President, you’re a nice man. I would say Mr. President, I know you want what’s best for America, but Mr. President, and I say this gently, you’ve got to stop being a chump. There’s no future in it. There’s no future in it for you or for the American people. You have to go back to the White House and you have to fire all these “wokers” that don’t really care about America. Yes, we have inflation. It was caused in part by the “wokers” in the White House, including but not limited to their economists. We can get it under control. Here is how we do it. Turn to Congress and say freeze all spending. You have a budget, live within your budget. The only extra spending we are going to do is to help Ukraine. Number two, he needs to tell Congress confirm Jerome Powell, and then turn to Jerome Powell, not directly, he can say it publicly and say chairman do whatever you have to do to squeeze the liquidity without throwing us into a recession. But he’s insulting the American people by blaming inflation, which predates the war, on Putin, greedy businesswomen, price-gouging, fertilizer – it’s an insult to the American people. WATCH THE FULL INTERVIEW HERE:

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